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DR 101: The Myth of 0 Data Loss

August 4, 2016

By Joshua Stenhouse, Technology Evangelist at Zerto When using synchronous replication, a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero only applies to disk writes and only if the disaster requires recovery to the most recent point in time. An RPO of zero on disk writes does not capture any transactions in-flight such as those in the memory of […]

Total Economic Impact of Zerto

August 3, 2016

Forrester Research interviewed Zerto’s internal experts, along with their own Analysts, as well as Zerto customers, to learn about the benefits, costs, risks, and flexibility of Zerto. Forrester then quantified and articulated the results in this fascinating Total Economic ImpactTM study. Some highlights from the study: Zerto accounted for $2.2 million in savings in licensing, incidents, […]

DR 101: Top Questions To Consider When Picking a DRaaS Provider

July 28, 2016

By Harry Smith, Technology Evangelist at Zerto DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service – is a pretty well-known term in the industry now, but do you know how to get started leveraging it? Let’s discuss some of the common questions in regards to DRaaS, as well the differences between managed and public cloud options. […]

More Than a Pretty Trophy: Winning Zerto Cloud SP Partner of the Year, 2016

July 14, 2016

A Guest Post By Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Marketing at iLand   Admittedly, the title on the sash is long. Zerto Cloud Service Provider Partner of the Year, 2016. iland was honored to be recognized Zerto at this year’s inaugural ZertoCon conference this year in Boston. Obviously, any weighty bit of colorful lucite is welcomed […]

The Most Underplayed Healthcare IT Must-Have: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

July 12, 2016

How Two Days of Paper Record-Keeping Was Enough to Drive a Community Hospital to Search for a Better Business Continuity Solution  By Rob Strechay, Vice President of Product, Zerto Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) strategy is often little thought of until a forcing function—be it natural or man-made—puts a renewed focus on this mission-critical […]

DR 101: Snapshots, Continuous Data Protection and Point in Time Recovery

July 8, 2016

By Joshua Stenhouse, Zerto Technical Evangelist   Snapshots are often used to replicate Virtual Machines (VMs) from a specific point in time and to maintain multiple recovery points in order to recover from a disaster. Snapshots can be performed at the VM level or at the Storage Area Network (SAN) level. VM level snapshots are […]

No Cloud is Immune to Downtime

July 8, 2016

The Importance of Establishing a Cloud Continuity Platform and Using Multiple Clouds for IT Resilience By Keith Taylor, Product Specialist at Zerto The core tenant here at Zerto is “A World of Uninterrupted Technology for Everyone.” This is something we passionately believe should be achievable in this modern age. The ever-increasing adoption of the Cloud […]

Point in Time Recovery: Journal vs Snapshots

July 2, 2016

When evaluating different BC/DR solutions one important feature that users often look for is point in time recovery. The ability to recover to previous points in time is crucial in being able to recover from not only data center-wide issues, such as power loss or hardware failure, but logical failures, such as a database corruption, […]

Tech Field Day Comes to Zerto

June 29, 2016

By Joshua Stenhouse, Zerto Technical Evangelist Last week, Zerto welcomed the Tech Field Day (TFD) team and delegates at our Boston office to give them a rundown on what we’ve been doing since our last presentation at TFD VMworld 2014. The history of Zerto and TFD goes back a long way. In fact, our relationship […]

The Value of Being Prepared – Cascadia Rising, Bitcoin and Backups

June 21, 2016

By Keith Taylor, Product Specialist at Zerto From the 7th– 10th June, an absolute behemoth of a preparedness exercise was carried out involving approximately 20,000 people in the Pacific Northwest region of the US.  With personnel from federal, state and local government, multiple branches of the military, plus participants from local communities and the private […]