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Data Replication

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Data replication refers to the process of copying and storing data. The data is then stored in a secondary or tertiary location. An essential part of disaster recovery, data replication is key to recovery from all outages.

What Is Data Replication ?

The terms replication and backup are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are quite different. Data replication involves copying data and then transferring that copy of the data to another site. An organization can replicate data to a number of locations:

The Differences Between Backup and Replication

Why Choose Data Replication?

The demand for data availability and protection is greater than ever. For data-driven organizations, the key foundational element is data availability, which highlights the need for data replication. Snapshot backups are relatively inexpensive and give your organization some protection against losing data, but backups can be slow to recover from and may not offer the granularity the organization needs for a full recovery. Data replication is the better technology that answers today’s needs:

  • Rapidly evolving demands for IT modernization 
  • Digital transformation 
  • An always-on business experience

Zerto and Data Replication

Zerto offers data replication that provides granular recovery to within seconds, preventing nearly all data loss. The Zerto solution constantly replicates data as it is written to storage. Because Zerto data replication is always on, it offers considerably lower recovery point objectives (RPOs) than snapshot-based solutions. At the same time, Zerto offers no performance impact, unlike the significant performance penalty of storing multiple snapshots. Plus, data replication uses only a fraction of the storage needed for snapshots, which frees up considerable amounts of space that could translate into substantial savings—while dramatically reducing the impact of outages and disruptions to your organization.

Zerto Solution Overview

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