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With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility for Protection and Privacy

So much so, there’s a day dedicated to it With Data Protection Day—also called Data Privacy Day in some regions—celebrated on January 28th, it serves as a critical reminder of the importance of making sure the data you share or that is in your possession is safe and secure. Think about it. Data is growing […]

Cyber-Resilience: Carpe Data and Fight Back Against Ransomware

A Ticking Time Bomb You’ve read the statistics and seen the costly results. Ransomware attacks are rising 300% year over year. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), out of 500 organizations, 84% were victims of malicious attacks in 2019. Of those, 89% of the attacks were successful with 93% experiencing data corruption or loss. […]

2021: A Year of Digital Transformation, Data Management, Recoverware, and Containers

Given everything that has unfolded this past year, predicting what’s next carries a lot of uncertainty. It’s clear that the pandemic and its impact on our workplaces accelerated the adoption of technologies and digital transformation in ways we couldn’t have predicted a year ago. However, we can’t stop looking ahead. With that in mind, members […]

Achieve Cost-effective Backups and Long-term Retention with Zerto 8.5 and AWS S3

With the AWS re:Invent virtual event rounding off 2020 and focused on helping customers innovate, I thought it would be timely to talk about how Zerto and AWS together deliver cutting-edge capabilities for backup and long-term retention (LTR). When Zerto 7.0 was released with long-term retention, it was only the beginning of the journey to […]

Deploying Zerto with Terraform

– Read the original blog post on –  I realized its been almost two years since I’ve blogged about anything automation related. Time flies but that’s far too long to not talk about some exciting news around things I’ve been working on with colleagues. Over the last year or so I’ve moved into a […]

Success: Impossible Without Support

Zerto Technical Support and Customer Success Live Together Spend a day inside a Zerto office, and I guarantee you will hear the phrase “Customer First.” It is one of our company’s core values—and the most vital one. It is what we live by and why we come to work every day. Technical Support Matters While […]

The Art and Impact of Continuous Versus Periodic

At Zerto, our reputation is built upon our unmatched platform that’s engineered for continuous data protection (CDP). The Zerto platform has helped thousands of organizations solve their disaster recovery challenges. With our journal-based technology that allows you to choose from any of the unlimited checkpoints to recover your data to any point back in time, […]

Zerto’s Ease of Use in Backup and Disaster Recovery Makes an Impact on Customers

Staying on top of backup is challenging enough without platforms that make the job of IT managers more complex. Instead, IT managers require solutions that are simple to configure and easy to run. Zerto has completely reinvented the backup market, delivering the benefits of continuous data protection through a single platform to protect and recover […]

Looking to the Cloud to Resolve the Pandemic’s Ripple Effects on the Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented shift to employees and suppliers working remotely for organizations across all sectors, including federal agencies. Work-from-home (WFH) directives created plenty of challenges as physical access to systems and datacenters became unavailable and newly deployed collaboration and communications tools added strain to networks. Still, as a federal agency, you must […]

451 Research Gives Insight on Zerto for Kubernetes

451 Research calls Zerto a data protection veteran and reviews their beta offering and leadership in backup and recovery for containerized applications. The growth rate of containerized applications has been astounding. Industry analysts at Red Hat Global predict increases in container usage by 89% over the next two years. In fact, according to 451 Research’s […]