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Switching to Zerto Helps Major Water Company’s Disaster Recovery Strategy Run Smoothly

September 10, 2021

What do water and data have in common? Quite a lot, actually. They both can be tricky to contain and manage, and they both require expert technology to manage on a large scale. One major water company needed to improve its disaster recovery (DR) solutions so it could confidently maintain its primary business, providing water […]

Stop Data Loss: What You Need to Know About Securing Microsoft Teams

September 8, 2021

Microsoft has big plans for Microsoft Teams, positioning their platform as an essential enterprise communication tool that’s just as important as internet browsers and even operating systems are, as it pulls all the essential tools you need to conduct business into one platform. Microsoft regularly adds new functionality and features to encourage user workflow and productivity. For your organization however, this can introduce less control over the platform and uncertainty. More […]

Types of Backup: Select Wisely to Avoid Costly Data Loss

September 3, 2021

Backup technology has existed as long as data has needed to be recovered. We’ve seen countless iterations of backup solutions, media types, and ways of storing backup data. This last decade, many new backup tools have come out. Some appliance-based and some software. Yet, we see the same mistakes and legacy approach backup vendors have […]

Cloud Backup in Azure with Zerto for Kubernetes

August 26, 2021

We hear from a lot of customers looking to use the public cloud as targets for cloud backup. If it’s a priority in the VM world, it’s even more of a requirement for Kubernetes: when running clusters in Azure Kubernetes Service or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, it’s natural to want to archive copies in long-term […]

Keeping Up with Today’s Data Protection Challenges

August 17, 2021

The data protection workload grows more challenging with every passing year. Today, ransomware attacks—the latest and arguably the most serious threat—put a great deal of pressure on IT managers to ensure the resiliency of digital assets. According to IT Central Station members, the Zerto platform helps them achieve this objective within a single cloud solution. […]

Zerto 9.0: What You Need to Know About New Enhancements to LTR with Amazon S3

August 10, 2021

Zerto 9.0 officially launched on July 13, 2021. If you missed the webinar, you can register to watch it on-demand. While there are many new enhancements that I’m not going to cover here, this blog is specifically related to the platform enhancements to bring even more value, cost savings, and security to Amazon S3 repositories […]

Beat Ransomware with Recoverware

August 4, 2021

How a focus on recovery changes the outcome of ransomware attacks Data is one of the most valuable resources in business these days and it is at the heart of IT systems that keep both public and private-sector operations running. When a ransomware attack removes access to data, the effect can be crippling to an […]

Zerto 9 Has Launched and it’s Packed With New Backup and Disaster Recovery Features

July 29, 2021

RANSOMWARE RESILIENCE Our focus with Zerto 9 has been to help organizations mitigate the real threat of ransomware and ensure that when all else fails, you can recover fast and to within seconds prior to an attack. In a recent IDC State of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery survey sponsored by Zerto, out of 500 […]

Zerto Recognized for the First Time in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery

July 21, 2021

To say we’re excited that we were named as a Niche Player and positioned high in the Niche Quadrant of the Gartner Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions Magic Quadrant, would be an understatement. In our first-time recognition, we’re very proud that we’re in the top right of the Niche category. However, this is only […]

Beyond legacy backup and DR: It’s all about the recovery

July 14, 2021

Backup and disaster recovery solutions are merging. Backup vendors, large and small, are looking to incorporate disaster recovery and orchestration into their platforms. Coming from market and technical leadership in disaster recovery for a decade here at Zerto, we see why legacy backup can’t meet modern recovery expectations, let alone trusting backup for mission critical […]