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IT Resilience

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IT resilience is about the ability to continuously keep essential IT infrastructure, systems and applications up and running despite disasters and disruptions. IT resilience is an essential part of business resilience, which is the ability of your organization to maintain business continuity, protect your people and assets, and thrive amidst change.  

What Is IT Resilience?

Essentially, IT resilience is about protecting your data and keeping your systems up and running as much as possible. An IT-resilient mode of operations allows your organization to be ready for any type of disruption and to mitigate the risks of downtime and potential data loss

Table showing IT Resilience covering both unplanned and planned disruptions

IT resilience is also foundational to successfully achieve digital transformation. A robust IT resilience strategy requires three components:

  • Continuous availability to ensure an "always-on" customer experience
  • Workload mobility to ensure your IT assets are not tethered to on-premises environments or locations
  • Multi-cloud agility to get flexibility without being locked to one provider

The speed at which your business can invoke its disaster recovery strategy or move workloads is critical for maintaining a resilient IT environment.

IDC - The State of IT Resilience - 2019

IDC - The State of IT Resilience - 2018

How to Achieve IT Resilience

After a disaster occurs, your services need to be up and running again in minutes without significant data loss so you can resume operations effectively. Achieving IT resilience starts with a solid backup and recovery strategy. Documenting and testing disaster recovery plans ensures you can recover quickly if downtime occurs. Along with on-premises protection, combining private and public cloud resources into a hybrid cloud can contribute to your organization’s IT resilience efficiency while also reducing costs and resources. A hybrid cloud offers many advantages:

  • Set up public cloud resources as a disaster recovery site that can provide failover if a disruption on the production site occurs.  
  • Move workloads and data to and from the public cloud to add flexibility to your system resources. 
  • Extend your system’s capacity instantly when demand spikes.

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What Truly Makes Up a Resilient Organization

Solve for IT Resilience

Zerto delivers an industry-leading data protection and recovery solution, combining continuous availability, orchestration, and automation to accelerate multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud adoption. The Zerto solution offers simplicity, enterprise scale, and agile data protection, along with many other benefits:

  • Security. Sensitive workloads stay in the private cloud with sophisticated security and governance. 
  • Flexibility. Computing and storage capacity expand into the public cloud when demand spikes. 
  • Disaster recovery. The public cloud provides replication and recovery. 
  • Efficiency. Intelligent workload placement spreads workloads efficiently across the various environments.

Zerto enables businesses to deliver superior customer experience and accelerate digital transformation—all in one solution for IT resilience.

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