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Zerto and VMware on the Public Cloud 

Moving and protecting your VMware environment on the public cloud is fast and secure with Zerto

Protect VMware Applications on Public Cloud —Fast! 

Zerto brings VMware users the fastest way to move to the public cloud with disaster recovery (DR), data protection, and mobility for VMware-as-a-service. 

Cloud Adoption with VMware Made Simple 

Seamlessly and easily migrate and protect VMware workloads to VMware on public clouds, enabling faster cloud adoption without the need to re-architect your applications. 

Why Zerto for VMware on Public Cloud? 

Many large enterprises, specifically VMware-focused ones, can experience some barriers to quickly moving to the cloud.

With VMware on the public cloud, you can build, run, manage, connect, and protect all your apps on any cloud. This means organizations can run native VMware environments in the public cloud to leverage their IT team's existing VMware expertise and tooling without having to re-architect applications.

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with Zerto, a solution proven to be the fastest way to move your VMware environment to the cloud and get complete data protection without data loss or downtime. 

How Zerto for VMware on Public Cloud Works

Zerto’s software-only solution ensures enterprise-class protection of your environment no matter the size, with components that include: 

Our scale-out replication appliance, with built-in WAN optimization, encryption, and Quality of Service, replicates every change generated in real time to the target journal and is responsible for copying data to the long-term retention repository.

The journal contains all changes that occurred to any protected entity and allows you to use that data to restore to any point in time with seconds of granularity.

The management server integrates with any hypervisor management platform and has an intuitive interface that orchestrates user-initiated operations with simplicity.

A long-term retention repository allows you to store data for years on cost-effective disk, cloud, or object storage.

In public clouds, an all-in-one cloud appliance combines management and replication components. It integrates natively, using cost-efficient storage offerings, APIs, and cloud scaling features. 

Migrate VMware to the Public Cloud with Ease 

Organizations are experiencing accelerated digital transformation initiatives that require the scale and reliability of the cloud. Enterprises utilizing VMware, however, must refactor and re-architect their VMware applications to work on the public cloud—a task which requires significant technical expertise, time, and resources.  

Make the Move to VMware-as-a-Service Without the Hassle 

Save Time and Money 

Zerto has automated migration tools that make migrating to the public cloud both fast and easy, so you can start reaping the benefits.

Unlock the reliability, compute, and operational model of the public cloud.

Accelerate VMware cloud adoption by moving to cloud-based disaster recovery and data protection.

Reduce costs by replacing your disaster recovery site with cloud.

Use a Familiar Architecture 

With VMware-as-a-service, you gain the benefits of cloud adoption without having to change the way you manage your VMware environments.  

Protect and recover entire VMware-based datacenters with no modifications to the VMs or management tools.

Replicate from an on-premises environment to the public cloud or from one public cloud to another for intra-cloud DR.

Replicate, test, and migrate VMware-based application groups to the public cloud without the need to retrain VMware experts.

Engineer in datacenter

Enterprise-Class Protection in Public Cloud

Moving to the public cloud can give organizations a false sense of security around data protection. The truth is data protection is just as important in the cloud as it is on-premises. With Zerto and VMware on the public cloud, the same on-premises data protection outcomes can be achieved without re-architecting your solution.

When tied with Zerto’s native public cloud capabilities, you know your cloud strategy is in safe hands.

Reduce Cloud Risk with Enterprise Protection 

Get all of the efficiency, reliability, and scale the public cloud offers without having to re-architect your applications or data protection outcomes. 

Achieve RPOs of Seconds and RTOs of Minutes

Easily meet your target recovery times and objectives for VMware virtual appliances and applications within the public cloud.

Forget about Hardware, Power, and Network 

With VMware-as-a-service and Zerto, your IT ops teams’ worries about keeping the lights on are no more. Instead, they can focus on revenue-generating innovation.

Get Zerto Protection for VMware on Public Cloud  

Protect and recover an entire VMware-based datacenter with no modifications to the VMs or management tools.

Replicate from an on-premises environment to VMware on Public Cloud, or from VMware on one public cloud site to another public cloud site for intra-cloud DR. 

Replicate, test, then migrate VMware-based application groups to VMware on public cloud without the need to retrain VMware experts. 

Use Zerto on cloud environments that have VMware-based offerings, including Google Cloud VMware Engine, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, Azure VMware Solution, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, or one of our 350+ managed service provider partners who are leveraging VMware vCenter or VMware Cloud Director. 

Refocus your IT ops teams on revenue-generating initiatives, delivering proactive rather than reactive outcomes.


"Zerto has been our data protection solution for our business-critical workload, and now we can use Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) as a disaster recovery target. For a decade, we have been a Google shop and always emphasized a cloud first strategy. QAD is working towards a data- driven culture and building a partnership with Google and Zerto is a key part of that strategy."

Scott Lawson , Director, IT Infrastructure


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