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An application programming interface (API) is a type of software interface that forms a connection between computers or between a computer program and its users.  

What Is an API ?

An API is software that works to communicate and transmit data between computers or that allows users to interact with applications directly. An API may be custom built for a particular system, or it may be a shared standard among many systems. APIs exist for many purposes including programming languages, software libraries, computer operating systems, computer hardware, and the internet.

Why Use APIs?

APIs work to customize your computer system and to improve workflow efficiency. APIs enable you to automate your virtual infrastructure, allowing you to replace manual processes. Reducing manual tasks saves time on a wide variety of processes and eliminates any potential user errors.

APIs can help you achieve the full benefits of software-defined replication and recovery. With the right APIs, teams can build automated, sophisticated operations that take acquired testing data into account.

Zerto APIs

Zerto offers rich, full-featured APIs that integrate easily with your existing orchestration, monitoring, or configuration management solutions. Zerto APIs communicate seamlessly with a host of other systems and applications, significantly extending your workload capabilities:

  • Customize and streamline your operations simply and effortlessly.
  • Unlock efficiencies by minimizing manual operation and avoiding repeated steps.
  • Rest easy knowing your APIs will only grow in capability with updated versions.
  • Build on top of already powerful Zerto solutions, including Zerto Analytics.

From fast deployment to third-party integration, Zerto offers APIs to help you achieve unparalleled customization and workplace efficiency.

Easy Integration, Orchestration and Automation with Zerto APIs

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