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Product & Technical Support

Zerto Product & Technical Support Services

Zerto delivers enterprise-class support services that are built into all of our products. These services include real time alerts when RPO/ RTO targets are not being met, network degradation alarms and reminders to check configurations and Virtual Protection Groups. Zerto solutions are also backed by global support service centers that provide on-demand access to an expert team of support engineers.

All customers, regardless of support level, can access the myZerto Support Portal, which includes a knowledge base of dozens of articles, tips and forums for do-it-yourself answers to most common questions.

Using the portal, Zerto customers can:

  • Download the latest version of Zerto Virtual Replication
  • Find answers to common question in the Zerto knowledge base
  • Connect with the Zerto community on our forums
  • Follow the status of open support cases

Contact Zerto Support:

  • Report a new case directly from your ZVR GUI
  • Submit a support case at
  • For immediate assistance on a live Severity-1 production issue call the Zerto Support Line in your area

Zerto Global Support Phone Numbers

United States +1-866-271-3145
United Kingdom +44-800-088-5495
Canada +1-866-271-3145
Australia +61-1800-466-227
China +86-400-120-8535
Germany +49 800 184 4995

* Below numbers are only available locally.

China +10-800-713-1114(N)
China +10-800-130-1074(S)
Germany +0800-184-4995
Indonesia +001-803-015-203-9790
Taiwan +00801-14-7242
South Korea +003-0813-1992
India +000-800-100-4056
Japan +0800-111-9335
Hong Kong +800-905-393
Singapore +800-492-2306