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451 Research Gives Insight on Zerto for Kubernetes

451 Research calls Zerto a data protection veteran and reviews their beta offering and leadership in backup and recovery for containerized applications. The growth rate of containerized applications has been astounding. Industry analysts at Red Hat Global predict increases in container usage by 89% over the next two years. In fact, according to 451 Research’s […]

The CIOs Guide to Preparing for Containers

There’s no way around it: containers have become the preferred way to run workloads in the enterprise, and container platforms like Kubernetes are quickly becoming the standard for running applications. No wonder that the majority of IT teams embrace containers for running production workloads. The advantages of doing so are clear, but the road to […]

2 Ways to Experience Zerto for Kubernetes Now

Discover Zerto’s solution to protect next-gen containerized applications Did you know that, right now, more than two-thirds of all IT professionals have containerized applications in use? In a recent study, industry analyst ESG found that more than 67% of their survey respondents confirmed they were already in production with these environments, with the remaining respondents […]

ESG Survey Reveals Key Elements for Container Data Protection

Container Data protection The adoption of containers in enterprises is in full swing, and container platforms like Kubernetes are quickly becoming the standard for deploying applications to production. In a recent study on container data protection by ESG, 67% of respondents said they’re running containers for production applications with the remaining 33% planning to do […]

How to Choose Between VMs, Containers, and Serverless

Why choose? Let’s start with the why. Why do we need to choose? Why does this choice even exist? As technologies evolve, they tend to commoditize at the bottom of a stack. For instance, physical services and hypervisors have predominantly commoditized, meaning they look alike, the technology is mature, and the pace of innovation slowed […]

Stateful vs. Stateless

In our previous blog post, we introduced containers, how they worked, and why so many applications are being moved to containers. And while we did gloss over the most fundamental difference between virtual machines and containers—state—we did not dive into all of its ramifications. Stateful vs. Stateless Containers are stateless, which means changes made to […]

Containers 101

We all know and love virtual machines (VMs). You probably remember seeing your first vMotion or high availability (HA) failover event of a VM. How fantastic was it to free the operating system (OS) and application from the underlying hardware, optimize resource usage, and provide HA to any and all applications? VMs have served us well for the better part of two decades and we thank companies like VMware and Microsoft […]