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Immutable Backup

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Immutable backup describes a type of data backup where the data is unchangeable and cannot be deleted. Data has become a rich target for attackers, and even your backups can be encrypted or deleted during attacks. Immutable data is critical when you are creating a backup or disaster recovery plan, particularly when ransomware strikes.  

What Is Immutability ?

Traditional data backups are not always effective when you are trying to restore data that has been attacked (since the backups may have been attacked as well). Immutable backups can protect from various planned and unplanned events:

  • Viruses  
  • Ransomware 
  • Planned outages 
  • Natural disasters 
  • Accidental or planned deletion

To protect your backups, they should be immutable. When they are unable to be changed, you can more easily recover from an attack.

Access to Immutable Data Copies with Zerto

Your organization will inevitably be hit by ransomware, so you need to be prepared.  Ransomware attackers are hoping that you are unprepared: they hope that your legacy recovery solutions are still in place and inadequate to the task of recovery.

As mentioned above, it is possible that even remote recovery data could be targeted by ransomware. Zerto provides the option for immutable replicas that cannot be encrypted or corrupted by ransomware and are always available for recovery. This option, combined with Zerto’s continuous data protection, can help you prepare for a ransomware attack in the future.

AWS as an Immutable LTR Target with Zerto

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