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Zerto Competitive Comparison

What Makes Zerto Different?

Zerto delivers the fastest RPOs and RTOs in the industry at any scale. Greatly simplify your data protection with our software-only, scale-out architecture that doesn’t require any dedicated hardware.

Our streamlined user experience allows you to orchestrate protection, recovery, and migrations with easy-to-use workflows.

Backup and Disaster Recovery in One Platform - From Zerto

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Backup and DR in one solution | Video (1 min 30 sec)

Zerto vs Veeam

“Managing DR and backup in Zerto changes the game for us. We have much deeper granularity from an RPO perspective and one single pane of glass to manage both processes.”


Eric Bradley

Chief Information Officer

With Zerto: one interface, native CDP, simple licensing... and more!

Zerto vs Rubrik

“in the Rubrik world to instantiate 30 VMs from a blob target to compute, would take 30 hours, with Zerto a 100 VM’s took 15 minutes.”

Kingston Technology

John Leitgeb IT Director,

With Zerto: built-in automation & orchestration, vm to application level consistency... and more!

Zerto vs CloudEndure

...with the availability of Zerto In-Cloud for AWS, Amazon EC2 users can now quickly recover their workloads across different AWS regions after any disruptions, including ransomware attacks.”


Ziv Kedem

VP and General Manager

With Zerto: Agentless solution, scalability to 1000+ Amazon EC2 instances... and more!

Zerto vs RecoverPoint for VM (Dell EMC)

“Another thing that was in our evaluation was a point-in-time restore, so should we have something corrupt at a certain time, we could go back to a point in time. That was another feature that Zerto offered that RP4VM didn’t.”

Customer, Utilities company, USA

With Zerto: go beyond DR use case, intelligent insights and analytics, easy install... and more!

Zerto vs Azure Site Recovery

“Our RPOs are five times better [with Zerto] than they were with ASR.”

Systems Engineer

Large Gas company

With Zerto: 30-day CDP, RPOs of seconds, scalable protection... and more!

Zerto vs VMware SRM with Array-based Replication

“ I guess testing with it was fairly cumbersome. It wasn’t so much a per VM product, where with Zerto it is. So Zerto, you can failover one or many very easily, and with SRM you have to do it at a storage layer to support the product.”

Manager, Compute and Storage

Multinational professional services firm

With Zerto: many supported use cases, going beyond the storage layer... and more!

Zerto vs VMware SRM with vSphere

“We got some demos done through VMware and we kind of dug into it, but some issues came up quickly of scale and of management complexity and of like ‘How’s the admin going to do this and this and this now?’ that there really weren’t good answers to.

Specialist, Network Technology

One of the largest communication technology in the world

With Zerto: file recovery, thousands of recovery points, replication to public clouds... and more!

Reasons to Switch to Zerto

One Solution for Data Protection and Cloud Mobility

Continuous Data Protection

  • Always protected
  • Application consistency
  • No scheduling, snapshots or agents
  • No production impact

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Agility

  • Protect to, from and between clouds
  • Simple migration from on-premises
  • Easily leverage native cloud services

Simplicity at Scale

  • Built-in orchestration and automation
  • Multi-site analytics across platforms
  • Unified experience no matter the cloud

Zerto delivers ransomware resilience, disaster recovery, and data mobility with a simple, scalable solution built for virtualized environments running on-premises or in the cloud.

By delivering our top-tier continuous data protection for all applications and workloads, we are providing a true unified data protection solution.

Take the complexity out of data protection with advanced orchestration and automation that make recovery a breeze and save organizations time and resources.

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