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Savings, Simplicity, and Performance with Zerto and Microsoft Azure

Automate and orchestrate protection with Zerto & Microsoft Azure

The Unmatched Protection of Zerto with the Power of Microsoft Azure

Combining Zerto with Microsoft Azure makes it easy to deliver disaster recovery, ransomware resilience, and cloud mobility in one scalable solution.

Simplified Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Azure combines the best of IaaS and PaaS. Using Zerto with a public cloud such as Azure, businesses can unlock myriad use cases—from data protection and DR to workload migration—for their infrastructure and/or application development.

Why Zerto for Microsoft Azure?

Combining Zerto and Microsoft Azure helps businesses to simplify data protection and disaster recovery.

Use Microsoft Azure as a disaster recovery site, or protect across DR regions to eliminate the capital costs associated with owning and operating your datacenter. With support for Azure Blob Storage as a repository for an extended journal copy, including immutability and data tiering between blob types, you can cost-effectively use the cloud for your copies from the Zerto journal. 

Zerto also enables fast and flexible workload migration to and from Azure and between Azure regions, accelerating cloud adoption.

Zerto is available in the Azure Marketplace, installs in minutes, and is easily integrated with any Azure account.

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Why Zerto for Azure Architecture Is Unique

How Zerto for Microsoft Azure Works

Zerto's software-only solution ensures enterprise-class protection of your environment no matter the size, with components that include:

Our scale-out replication appliance —with built-in WAN optimization, encryption, and Quality of Service— replicates every change generated to the target journal and is responsible for copying data to the extended journal repository.

The journal contains all changes that occurred to any protected entity and allows you to use that data to restore to any point in time with seconds of granularity.

The management server integrates with any hypervisor management platform and has an intuitive interface that orchestrates user-initiated operations with simplicity.

An extended journal repository allows you to store data for up to one year on Azure blobs (including standard, cool, and archive blobs) as the recovery copy of last resort.

In Azure, a cloud appliance integrates natively, using cost-efficient storage offerings, APIs, and cloud scaling features. The Zerto managers orchestrate and automate recovery while the lightweight replication appliances are the core data movers.

Azure as a DR Site

Avoid the costs of establishing and managing your own datacenter by using Microsoft Azure as a disaster recovery site.

Using Azure-native APIs, Zerto creates compute instances in Azure only during recovery or migration, significantly reducing DR costs by not relying on idle compute instances. At the same time, it enables burst capacity to nearly unlimited compute and managed storage resources, should the need arise.

And with Zerto’s incredibly low RPOs and RTOs, you’ll save time and money in the event of a disaster, too.

Top Five Reasons to Use Azure for Disaster Recovery with Zerto

Moving workloads between Azure and production site

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Replicate to, from, and between Azure Sites with Ease

Replicate VMs, critical business applications like SAP, or entire datacenters to, from, or between Azure and Azure VMware Solution regions with built-in automation and orchestration.

Region to Region Disaster Recovery Within Azure

Virtual machines running in Azure can be at risk from cyberattacks, data corruption, human error, and regional outages. Zerto protects your critical data and applications in Azure across regions to recover quickly to the most recent recovery point.

Zerto Azure virtual replication appliances (VRAs) maintain data consistency between multiple disks allowing protection of virtual machines of all sizes. New VRAs are deployed automatically to scale out protection from hundreds to thousands of VMs.

Zerto’s automation and orchestration enables you to recover your data and application to, from, or within Azure quickly and at scale.

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Disaster Recovery and Data Protection with Zerto and Microsft Azure

Azure migration user interface

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Simplified Migration

Zerto migrates applications and data to the cloud, quickly, correctly, and without impact to production environments.

This includes migrating between Azure regions. Deploy Zerto in any underlying infrastructure—no configuration changes required.

And now with Zerto integration with Azure Migrate Hub, the simplest and least disruptive method for migrating virtual machines to Microsoft Azure is available. It takes only minutes and has many benefits such as virtually no downtime and zero risk of data loss.

Zerto in Azure Migrate Hub

Simple, Fast, and Risk Free Migrations with Zerto

Zerto Protection for Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Use Zerto to move your VMware workloads to Azure VMware Solution (AVS) and protect them with Zerto in Azure, or use AVS as your DR site. Explore the flexibility and ease-of-use with Zerto on Microsoft’s Azure VMware Solution.

Azure VMware and Zerto

Using Zerto to move VMware workloads to Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

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Key Benefits of Zerto and Microsoft Azure

Cost-effective Storage for Offsite Copies

Use cost-effective Azure Blob Storage for storing your extended journal copy data for extra protection, with support for in-flight and at-rest encryption.

Trying Azure is Simple

Replicate VMs to up to three sites simultaneously. Zerto customers can add Azure or Azure VMware Solution without impacting their primary DR strategy.

True On-demand Disaster Recovery

Use Azure as a DR target and benefit from the best TCO due to the pay-per-use and on-demand nature of the public cloud.

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