Orchestrated & Automated Disaster Recovery in the Cloud | Zerto

Orchestrated and Automated Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Protect workloads natively in the public cloud, across regions and zones

The Unmatched Protection of Zerto with the Power of Microsoft Azure

Combining the Zerto platform with Microsoft Azure makes it easy to deliver disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility in one simple, cost-effective solution.

Simplified Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Protect your applications and data in the cloud against cyberattacks, accidental deletions, infrastructure failures, natural disasters, and more. Use the Zerto platform with confidence to resume operations with little hassle when disaster strikes.

Why Zerto for DR in the Cloud

Zerto’s unique platform delivers peace of mind over your disaster recovery plan and execution.

Continuous data protection

Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) uses near-synchronous replication at the hypervisor layer, which tracks and protects every change in near real time to ensure RPOs of seconds.

Journal-based recovery

Zerto’s unique journaling technology mitigates data loss by rewinding and restoring entire sites, applications, VMs, or files with granularity of seconds.

Failover testing anytime and with confidence

Fully automated orchestration of failover and failover testing. Easily configured protection for an entire multi-VM application using pre-defined settings, such as VM boot order, network configuration, and re-IP. Built-in analytics for complete visibility and resource planning of your entire cloud environments from wherever you are.

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Disaster Recovery across AWS Regions and Availability Zones, at Scale

Protect large-scale native AWS applications for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) data. Zerto’s approach for in-cloud replication will solve the scale limitations of other vendors when trying to replicate thousands of instances across AWS Regions, by utilizing techniques which improve volume replication concurrency across regions, utilization of data APIs which reduce reads and writes, and optimization of the overall orchestration workflows to allow for low RPOs and RTOs of minutes without use of agents.

Simple to deploy, easy to use, Zerto automates the orchestration of failover and failover testing across AWS Regions and Availability Zones.

Customers with production applications running in AWS, such as SAP or Oracle, can now failover between AWS Regions or Availability Zones and be assured that the application is maintained in a consistent manner and recovered as one consistent entity.

Zerto for AWS

Disaster Recovery Across Microsoft Azure Regions

Zerto utilizes Microsoft Azure native APIs and only creates compute instances in Azure during recovery or migration, significantly reducing DR costs to storage alone while keeping unlimited burst capacity should the need arise. With Zerto’s incredibly low RPOs and RTOs, you’ll save time and money in the event of a disaster.

Replicate VMs, Kubernetes workloads, critical business applications like SAP, or entire datacenters to, from, or between Azure regions with built-in automation and orchestration. What’s more, with our Azure Quickstart Templates, you can get started in a single build step—from any underlying infrastructure and with no impact on production environments.

Zerto for Microsoft Azure

Using Azure Quickstart to Deploy Zerto Cloud Appiliance

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Disaster Recovery for Kubernetes Workloads in the Cloud

Using Zerto for Kubernetes’s replication and journaling technology gives you the freedom to simply rewind to a previous checkpoint, delivering a low recovery point objective (RPO), and provides the ability to protect, move, and recover a containerized application as one consistent entity, including all associated Kubernetes objects and metadata. Zerto for Kubernetes protects your applications’ persistent volumes as well as all of their associated Kubernetes entities, such as deployments, StatefulSets, ConfigMaps, and services.

Protection and support for: Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Services

State of Data Protection for Kubernetes

Zerto for Kubernetes

Replicate and Failover between Any VMware on Public Cloud Sites

Continuous data protection with always-on replication and journal-based recovery, Zerto helps you seamlessly rewind and recover entire sites, applications, VMs, and individual files across VMware on public cloud sites.

Continuous data replication protects every change in near real time to ensure RPOs of seconds and uses journal-based recovery to restore data at a granularity of seconds to mitigate any data loss. Protect and recover entire application stacks with guaranteed consistency.

Zerto with VMware on Public Cloud

Key Benefits of Zerto Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Simple to use

Be installed and replicating in under 2 hours. No professional services. No resource overheads. Simple.

Built for scale and speed

Designed for large-scale deployments

Reduce costs and resources

Enable significant cost savings by using cloud native architecture and the cloud as a disaster recovery site.

Freedom of choice

No vendor lock- in—your cloud, your choice

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Disaster Recovery across AWS Regions and Availability Zones

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