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Zerto on IBM Cloud

Automate and orchestrate data management with Zerto & IBM Cloud

Seamless Integration with IBM Cloud

Leverage the power and scalability of IBM Cloud without adding on another layer of complexity. Ensure your applications and data are available to customers and end-users no matter what the disaster or disruption.

IBM's Computing Power with Zerto Simplicity

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions provides the ease-of-use and flexibility of VMware in the cloud, allowing you to remain the owner of your data and applications and the regions where your data resides. Zerto gives you simple point-and-click disaster recovery testing, migration, and continuous data protection making sure you are prepared for anything. IBM and Zerto are better together.

Why Zerto for IBM Cloud?

Zerto on IBM Cloud provides continuous availability, data protection, and workload mobility through a single solution based on a foundation of continuous data protection, with built-in orchestration & automation and analytics for full visibility.

On top of this, IBM can provide a fully managed disaster recovery solution (DRaaS) capable of protecting both physical and virtual workloads through a single interface.

Installation of Zerto on IBM Cloud is automated and easy, greatly reducing deployment times.

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Achieving Continuous Availability with IBM Cloud and Zerto

How Zerto for IBM Cloud Works

Zerto's software-only solution ensures enterprise-class protection of your environment no matter the size, with components that include:

Our scale-out replication appliance, with built-in WAN optimization, encryption, and quality of service, replicates every change generated in real time to the target journal and is responsible for copying data to the long-term retention repository.

The journal contains all changes that occurred to any protected entity and allows you to use that data to restore to any point in time with seconds of granularity.

The management server integrates with any hypervisor management platform and has an intuitive interface that orchestrates user-initiated operations with simplicity.

A long-term retention repository allows you to store data for years on cost-effective disk, cloud, or object storage.

In public clouds, an all-in-one cloud appliance combines management and replication components. It integrates natively, using cost-efficient storage offerings, APIs, and cloud scaling features.

Complete & Fast DR Solution for a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Zerto on IBM Cloud offers a reliable disaster recovery orchestration with automation and quick provisioning in a software-defined recovery environment that helps reduce errors, risks, and resources for testing and documentation.

Simultaneously replicate virtual machines locally, to or from a remote datacenter, or IBM Cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud Strategy with IBM Cloud

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Workload Mobility

Zerto unlocks the full potential of IBM Cloud’s limitless capacity and scale on demand by moving application and data workloads from on-premises to IBM Cloud—and back.

Use built-in automation and orchestration to seamlessly move applications from on-premises to IBM Cloud, Azure, AWS, or to any of our 450+ cloud service partners.

This gives you true workload mobility within a single solution offering a consistent user experience.

Zerto for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

Key Benefits of Zerto and IBM Cloud

Aggressive Service Levels

Zerto on IBM Cloud is able to deliver RPOs of seconds and RTOs of just minutes.

No Production Impact

No agents, no snapshots, meaning no guest VM impact. Test recovery without production impact at any time with just three clicks.

Continuous Data Protection

Agentless, no-impact continuous data replication with journaling provides recovery granularity of every five seconds.

Simple and Easy to Deploy and Use

Install and replicate in under two hours without the need for professional services or additional resources.

What's Next?

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