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Zerto Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection (CDP) offers the most effective protection for your business applications and data—for a variety of use cases

The Future of Backup and Recovery is Continuous

Gone are the days of periodic backups and hours of data loss. Continuous data protection offers an unmatched level of security and a continuous stream of recovery checkpoints to which you can rewind anything from files to entire datacenters.


Always-on Replication

No More Periodic Protection

Legacy protection solutions rely on snapshots. Snapshots work like a still camera in that they only take a picture of your environment at a specific time. This type of legacy backup technology offers RPOs measured in hours, resulting in the following downsides:

Negative impact on production performance

Complex scheduling to minimize impact on production

Many hours of data loss

Significant overhead management on the storage arrays

Continuous Data Protection

Continuous protection using always-on replication ensures protection of every change to your applications as they occur. Unlike the snapshot approach, it more closely resembles a video camera continuously recording changes in your environment. This means RPOs measured in seconds and benefits such as:

Zero impact on production environment

No scheduling required

Minimal data loss

Storage savings as no snapshots are created


Journal-based Recovery

Recover anything to any point in time—with a granularity of seconds—thanks to the Zerto platform’s unique journaling technology.


Application Consistency Grouping

Easily protect complex, multi-VM application stacks or Kubernetes-based microservice applications and their data consistently and recover everything to the exact same point in time.


Long-Term Retention

Integrated long-term retention capabilities copy data to cost-effective storage targets—whether they’re on-premises, in the cloud, or spread across multiple sites in your hybrid datacenter.


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