Modernize Data Protection with HPE GreenLake - Zerto

Edge-to-Cloud Data Protection with HPE GreenLake

Simple, SaaS-based backup and disaster recovery across private, public, and hybrid clouds

Modernize Your Data Protection

Simplify data protection with a single SaaS console and API for end-to-end defense against any disruption, whether ransomware, natural disasters, or human error. With HPE GreenLake, you can seamlessly manage your DR and backup together on a unified platform alongside other solutions for storage, compute, and networking.

SaaS-based DR for VMs that delivers:

  • Global multi-site management of mission-critical apps
  • RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes
  • Continuous data protection (CDP) from Zerto
  • Built-in orchestration and automation

HPE GreenLake for

Disaster Recovery

SaaS-based backup for all workloads that delivers:

  • Encrypted backups of all protected data
  • Flexible consumption-based billing and elastic scaling
  • Effortless management of your hybrid cloud
  • Unmatched storage efficiency

HPE GreenLake for

Backup and Recovery

Build Resilience Through Data Protection

To effectively capitalize on data while protecting against data loss and ransomware threats, organizations must modernize data protection from edge to cloud — simplifying operations, aligning infrastructure to actual use, and shifting from insurance to insight. Secure your data and harness its true value with HPE GreenLake, a service that helps meet your data protection SLAs without up-front capital expense or over-provisioning risk.

Continuous and Secure Data Protection

Adopt a secure data protection strategy with market-leading backup and DR solutions that keep you secure from edge to cloud.

Real-World Success Story

Read this customer story to learn how to tackle data protection head-on, and get the unique benefits of a data-first approach.

Protect and Recover Your Data

Simplify data protection by managing your backup and DR solutions on one, unified cloud platform.

HPE GreenLake: The Edge-to-Cloud Platform

HPE GreenLake is a portfolio of cloud and as-a-service solutions that helps simplify and accelerate your business. It delivers a cloud experience wherever your apps and data live—whether that's the edge, data center, co-location facilities, or public clouds. Harness the value of HPE GreenLake with flexibility of elastic scale and pay-per-use structure options.

HPE GreenLake Reduces Complexity

Businesses face five common challenges when integrating on-premises architectures and the cloud: security, compliance, visibility, cost, and getting the resources or skillsets required to support the hybrid-cloud model. HPE GreenLake addresses these challenges by:

Increasing visibility to entire IT infrastructure

Creating flexibility for cloud costs

Reducing resource demand with automated operational tasks

Improving regulatory compliance

Securing a cloud environment to protect your assets

Simplifying data services management with single SaaS console

Illustration showing how HPE GreenLake simplify the management of IT from edge to cloud, across deployment, provisioning, management, security and data protection

Build Data Protection with HPE GreenLake

Data loss and application disruptions can take a significant toll on organizations of every size. Now, with modern data protection, organizations can keep pace with today’s changing hybrid cloud environments and ensure data and applications achieve always-on availability.

HPE GreenLake Data Services Cloud Console screen with a zoom-out on two services for data protection: HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery, and HPE GreenLake for Disaster Recovery

HPE and Zerto Data Protection Portfolio

Explore HPE and Zerto’s robust data protection portfolio to strategically safeguard and manage your organization’s data.

Build true cyber resilience for all workloads, tiers, and SLAs spanning from edge to cloud to establish comprehensive business continuity strategy. Whether opting for the combination of Zerto and HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery or embracing the seamless SaaS-based solutions with HPE GreenLake, combining the best of HPE ensures full spectrum data protection.