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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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The total cost of ownership (TCO) refers to the total amount you pay for an IT solution, such as a disaster recovery or backup solution. Not all solutions are created equal, and price isn’t always the best indicator of how well a solution works. In fact, a lot more goes into the cost of a disaster recovery or backup solution than you might think.  

What Is Total Cost of Ownership ?

The TCO is not just the price of the disaster recovery solution—it also includes such things as implementation costs, management costs, training costs, and most importantly, the costs of recovery when disaster strikes, including the cost of downtime and data loss. A solution that seems less expensive up front can end up costing far more when a disaster hits that forces you to deal with a difficult recovery.

What Is Included in Total Cost of Ownership?

When it comes to ownership of a disaster recovery solution, costs arise from both acquisition and operation.

Acquisition Costs

  • Software licensing and maintenance costs
  • Compute infrastructure (physical and virtual)
  • Storage for both disaster recovery and data protection
  • Implementation

Operation Costs

  • On-going administration and management
  • Risks and expenses from disruptions
  • Additional features

You also face other significant costs when it comes to TCO:

  • Training. How much will it cost you to train your team on this solution? This includes not only training materials but the time it takes to train your team.
  • Downtime. How much could downtime cost you? Even a small amount of downtime can result in loss of productivity, loss of business, loss of confidence, and loss of reputation.
  • Data Loss. How much could data loss cost you? Any amount of data loss can have an extreme cost to an organization, especially when that data represents productivity, intellectual property, or key business transactions.

Example of a TCO Model

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