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Cyber Resilience

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Cyber resilience refers to the ability of businesses to mitigate the risk of damage to their data and operations and to bounce back unscathed once attacked. Instead of relying on a traditional disaster recovery plan, modern businesses need to transition to a cyber-resilient approach to ensure always-on service.  

What Is Cyber Resilience ?

Today’s organizations know it is a matter of when, not if, they will experience a cyber-attack. Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a cyber-attack once it occurs.

Cyber resilience addresses this issue by looking past prevention to consistently ensure the integrity of your critical data to mitigate risk. This type of resiliency requires a recovery solution that guarantees access to all your data, without gaps or data loss, in the event of an attack so your operation can get back up and running without delays.

Cyber Resilience: Stay Ahead of the Game (part of Ransomware Recovery Guide)

Data Recovery and Cyber Resilience

Cybercrimes are designed to bypass preventative measures—and will evolve to keep doing so. Data recovery is the backbone of cyber resilience. Recovering from cyberattacks requires a modern data management and recovery solution that protects across multiple platforms, including on-premises, cloud, tiered storage, and SaaS applications. An effective recovery plan means your organization can avoid downtime, business disruption, and huge financial hits.

Beat Ransomware with Recoverware

Cyber-Resilience: Carpe Data and Fight Back Agianst Ransomware

Zerto for Cyber Resilience

With Zerto, your business can build a comprehensive cyber resilience plan that will help you face growing cyber threats with confidence. With advanced, world-class continuous data protection and cloud data management, Zerto gives you multiple recovery options to minimize downtime and data loss from cyberattacks, operational loss, or any disaster.

Fully automated failover and failback help you restore corrupt applications and data within minutes, so you never have to pay a ransom or try to reinvent lost work. Zerto combines granular journal technology with long-term repositories, providing a continuous stream of recovery points from any point in time, whether seconds, hours, months, or even years in the past.

Zerto for Ransomware Recovery

Manage and Mitigate the High Cost of Ransomware

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