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Orchestration and Automation

Make platform management easier with built-in automated recovery and migration processes

Protect, Recover, and Move Applications in Just a Few Clicks

One simple, automated solution saves you time, resources, and costs while making it easier and faster to manage workloads at scale with minimal touch.

Simple, Fast Migrations

Zerto makes any migration—from applications to complete datacenters—both faster and easier. The migration process is done in a few clicks, with zero risk of data loss, and almost no downtime across any platform or cloud type.

Non-Disruptive, Automated Testing

Many IT organizations must dedicate weekends or additional business hours to perform a test. With Zerto, DR and migration testing can be done without any impact to production, as often as needed.

Automate Everything with APIs

Zerto's full-featured REST API allows for easy integration with existing orchestration, monitoring, or configuration management solutions. Reduce the time needed to manage and deploy recovery, protection, and migration.

Automated Workflows and Recovery

Zerto is always replicating your data with built-in, automated continuous data protection to keep your data available throughout every part of the process. Perform entire site failovers and failbacks in just a few clicks without any data loss. Recover applications, VMs, folders, and files locally or from a disaster recovery site by simply selecting a checkpoint and letting Zerto’s simple, automated workflows do the rest.

Automated Failover Demo

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