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BCDR: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Business continuity and disaster recovery is more well-known as BCDR. The term refers to the processes and procedures that an organization employs to recover from a disaster and resume business as usual. An intentionally broad term, BCDR typically describes a plan that outlines how your organization responds to a disaster. 

What Is BCDR ?

A solid BCDR plan is essential for maintaining operations. A BCDR plan includes documented procedures that guide your organization through the four Rs following a disaster:

  • Response
  • Restoration
  • Recovery
  • Resumption

The overall BCDR plan identifies the level of operations to be achieved following a disruption and further clarifies the roles of different departments in your organization, such as IT (disaster recovery plan) and business (business continuity plan). Recovering your data is at the heart of the BCDR plan, because without your data, you are at the mercy of whatever disruption found its way into your datacenter, and the business cannot resume operations.

Why Does BCDR Matter?

Your organization’s system is susceptible to unpredictable events—from outages to application failures and even ransomware. Your unscheduled downtime can trigger negative outcomes such as:

  • Revenue loss
  • Brand impact
  • Frustrated customer
  • Lost productivity

When disaster strikes, every minute counts. By having a BCDR solution with a sound plan in place before a disaster, your organization can respond more quickly to unpredictable events and reduce any potentially devastating impact on your organization and its reputation.

Zerto for BCDR

Zerto strengthens and supports your BCDR plan by enabling your organization to consolidate multiple point products with a single, simple, and scalable platform. Zerto can help you put an effective BCDR solution in place to deliver the following results:  

  • Protect your data 
  • Quickly restore mission-critical resources 
  • Support essential business functions 
  • Keep operations running to maintain business continuity 
  • Minimize data loss and disruption time

At its core, the Zerto platform provides you with what you need to help you with your response, recovery, restoration, and recovery to achieve a seamless disaster recovery for business continuity.

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