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Appliance-based Replication

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Appliance-based replication is a type of data replication where data is copied and then stored in additional sites. Appliance-based replication solutions are like array-based solutions in that both replication methods are hardware-based and specific to a single platform, but they differ in how they replicate the data.  

What Is Appliance-based Replication ?

Data replication is the process of copying and storing data at an additional site or sites. Appliance-based replication uses an external physical appliance and runs the replication code directly on that appliance. This type of replication is hardware-based and specific to a single platform. Appliance-based replication is often not suitable for cloud strategies as it requires additional hardware at both locations.

How Does Appliance-based Replication Work?

Appliance-based replication takes local copies or backups of the data and stores them on the local appliance. It then runs a periodic task to copy the data to a secondary appliance, often located at another site. This process can result in large gaps between replication jobs, meaning large gaps in the data sets which could lead to longer than desired RPOs.

When it comes to protecting virtual environments, both appliance-based and array-based options have similar disadvantages:

  • Appliance-based replication copies physical entities rather than virtual entities, making the copies oblivious to configuration changes.
  • Business continuity plans quickly become outdated because they can’t keep up with the current production environment.
  • Appliance-based replication lacks granularity, which conflicts with the requirements—and the advantages—of virtualization.
  • Appliance-based replication requires dual points of management (the physical management console and the virtualization management console), and the constant coordination greatly increases management complexity.

How Zerto Differs from Appliance-based Replication

The virtual-aware Zerto solution provides an enterprise-class replication solution that’s purpose-built for virtual environments. Zerto is the first solution to deliver innovative, enterprise-class, virtual replication along with business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities for both the datacenter and the cloud. 

Because Zerto is installed directly inside the virtual infrastructure (as opposed to on individual machines), it integrates with the hypervisor to replicate any data change. Every time the data changes, it is captured, cloned, and sent to the recovery site. This solution is much more efficient, accurate, and responsive than any other replication method.

Zerto Always-on Hypervisor-based Replication

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