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Zerto for Law Firms 

Protecting more than the billable hour: Zerto is an indusputable solution for continuous data protection 

TWM Solicitors on Zerto as a Solution for Disaster Recovery, Backup and Migration

Watch and hear from the Head of IT at TWM Solicitors, one of the largest, leading legal practices based in Surrey, England, how Zerto has been instrumental in ensuring continuous availability of data and services at the firm. 

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Customer Success – TWM Solicitors

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Why Zerto for Law Firms?

Your law firm needs to comply with regulations that ensure your data is secure to protect client information, and, to maximize billable hours, your data must always be readily accessible.

Zerto provides a simple, scalable solution that converges disaster recovery (DR), backup, and mobility—both on-premises and in the cloud. Managed through a single interface, Zerto installs in under an hour with no downtime or disruption to production. The case is clear: Zerto is an ideal solution for your law firm to protect their business-critical data.

Minimize Data Loss With Continuous Data Protection 

The billable hour is the central revenue unit of a law firm. You depend on your interactions with clients, courts, and other attorneys to be safely recorded and to be available at all times. So, if data is lost or work must be redone, your law firm loses money.

Zerto utilizes continuous data protection to minimize data loss and arms your law firm with an enterprise-class disaster recovery plan with RPOs of seconds, versus the minutes and hours seen with other solutions.

What’s more, Zerto’s documented test plans can help you meet compliance requirements.

Zerto for Disaster Recovery

Consistent Protection of Heterogeneous Environments 

As your law firm grows, your IT infrastructure becomes more and more diverse. Delivering a robust DR and data protection strategy is difficult, especially with technologies that are dependent on matching infrastructures.

Zerto operates within the hypervisor and enables the consistent protection of your heterogeneous environment, ensuring application protection despite environment complexity.

Hypervisor-based Replication

Minimize Risk with Fast Access to the Data You Need

Productivity and revenue are lost with every minute you cannot access or record case data.

Zerto minimizes this risk with lightning-fast application or file-level recovery directly to production, ensuring you can provide clients with the counsel they need at all times.

Modernize Backup with Continuous Data Protection

Zerto Continuous Backup Demo

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  

Zerto can help reduce your operational and capital costs associated with data protection, freeing up budget to use on strategic legal services and initiatives.

Zerto can replicate between different types of storage and servers, extending the life of existing assets. The simplicity of Zerto allows your IT administrators to spend less time managing the solution, so you can allocate those resources to other urgent projects.

Achieve up to 50% Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Savings

TCO Calculator

Key Benefits for Law Firms

Fast access to data

Minimize risk and protect the billable hour with fast access to granular recovery data, including application and file-level restore direct to production—from a few seconds or a few years ago.

Single, Simple Interface

Storage-agnostic replication across multiple hypervisors, disparate versions of hypervisors, and cloud platforms are unified through a single interface, reducing complexity and management overheads. 

Minimal downtime

Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) enable consistent replication and recovery of high write-rate multi-VM applications to offer minimal downtime and data loss.

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