Data Re-use - Zerto

Data Reuse

Zerto empowers you to create on-demand sandbox environments and perform operational tasks against true-to-production copies in a non-disruptive way

Make the Most of What You Already Have

Unlock never-before-seen efficiency in your organization by leveraging your existing data.

With no impact to production, easily spin up your environment or applications to create self-serve, high-fidelity clones that can be used by your developers, QA, operations, or security teams to accelerate your app development and quality or reduce your threat vulnerabilities.

All it takes is a few quick, pre-configuring steps, before you can create copies of application environments for your developers

High Fidelity Cloning for Dev/Test

Work with true-to-production copies, with the state of all application dependencies captured, with no impact on production workloads

Non-disruptive Patch Testing

Take Advantage of Your Valuable Data

Protected data and applications are more than just backup copies, so they shouldn’t be left alone until they’re needed for disaster recovery. Zerto helps you realize and take advantage of all your valuable data, allowing you to run several operational tasks without impacting live production applications.

Development and Testing

Don’t risk disruption: accelerate dev/test and reduce any hesitancy by operating on true-to-production application copies.

Forward Planning

Test cloud migrations, gain insightful information about what to expect, and plan ahead with full knowledge of shifting management requirements.

Service-Level Agreement Satisfaction

Automate testing and analysis to keep your organization on the front end of all service level agreements—for all applications.

Increase Security

Be proactive with patch testing and other security measures; learn of threats or vulnerabilities before they cause any issues.

Clear Visibility

Perform regular analysis of seconds-old data to get a clearer picture of customer trends, activities, product popularity, and revenue streams.

Efficiency in Simplicity

There’s no need to request backup tapes from off-site facilities or wait for operators to recover and customize the networking on old production copies. With Zerto, your most recent data is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

No matter where applications are stored—in an off-site disaster recovery datacenter or in the cloud—the same four-click testing steps apply, making it simple to quickly perform operational tasks without impacting production. You can even further customize your processes with REST APIs before taking advantage of a streamlined, one-click cleanup of the sandbox environment.

Cloning Demo

Zerto Protection Groups

When it comes to data reuse, the biggest challenges relate to accessibility and speed. Legacy solutions rely on snapshots of day-old application copies that don’t include dependent workloads, making it difficult to get the clearest image of whatever operational tests or analyses you may run. Zerto answers this problem by allowing you to organize applications and their dependencies in Virtual Protection Groups, which ultimately connect all necessary data points together. Whether you’re testing, recovering, restoring, or performing data reuse operations with an application, you get the complete picture—and you get it in minutes.

Real-Time Detection Meets Real-Time Protection

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