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Mobilize and Protect VMware Workloads on Google Cloud

Zerto provides disaster recovery and cloud migrations to Google Cloud VMware Engine for VMware workloads

Expand Your Hybrid Cloud Options with Google Cloud VMware Engine

Protect and seamlessly migrate VMware workloads to Google Cloud VMware Engine without changing your applications.

Combine the Protection of Zerto with the Power of Google Cloud

Zerto’s award-winning VMware-based replication and journaling technology lets you seamlessly migrate workloads and perform disaster recovery on Google Cloud VMware Engine without refactoring your applications.

Use the cloud with the same familiar vSphere tools and processes you use on-premises today. Free up time to develop next-generation hybrid apps and services while reducing the operational burden on IT. Unlock intelligent insights with Google services to analyze your data in real time and better connect with your customers.

Why Zerto for VMware on Google Cloud?

The Zerto solution is designed for the hybrid and multi-cloud world, with the ability to replicate and failover between on-premises datacenters and Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Zerto provides a fast and easy way to leverage the value of Google Cloud. Configuration and usage with Google Cloud VMware Engine is nearly identical to on-premises VMware environments.

Be installed and replicating in under two hours. No professional services, no resource overheads, it's just that simple. 

Zerto and Google VMware Engine

How Zerto for Google VMware Engine Works

Zerto's software-only solution ensures enterprise-class protection of your environment no matter the size with components that include:

Our scale-out replication appliance, with built-in WAN optimization, encryption, and Quality of Service, replicates every change generated in real time to the target journal and is responsible for copying data to the long-term retention repository.

The journal contains all changes that occurred to any protected entity and allows you to use that data to restore to any point in time with seconds of granularity.

The management server integrates with any hypervisor management platform and has an intuitive interface that orchestrates user-initiated operations with simplicity.

A long-term retention repository allows you to store data for years on cost-effective disk, cloud, or object storage.

In public clouds, an all-in-one cloud appliance combines management and replication components. It integrates natively, using cost-efficient storage offerings, APIs, and cloud scaling features.

Put Zerto on Google Cloud VMware Engine to Work

Ready to get started? Zerto supports these use cases for Google Cloud VMware Engine:  

  • Migration to GCVE: Migrate specific applications or entire datacenters to the cloud with seamless orchestration and no risk of losing data.
  • DR to GCVE: Build or shift disaster recovery capabilities to the cloud, lower costs, and remove operational burdens.
  • Region-to-region DR within GCVE: Replicate workloads running in Google Cloud VMware Engine to another GCVE site for intra-cloud DR.

Zerto moving VMware on Google Cloud workloads

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Key Benefits of Zerto for VMware on Google Cloud

Ease of Use

Be installed and replicating to VMware on Google Cloud in under two hours, with the same tools you use on-premises.

Multi-Cloud Enabled

Multi-cloud capability with replication to, from, and between VMware on Google Cloud sites.

Best Performance

Experience industry-leading RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.

No Production Impact

No agents, no snapshots, and no guest VM impact. Test recovery without production impact at any time with just three clicks.


"Zerto has been our data protection solution for our business-critical workloads and now we can use Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) as a disaster recovery target. We will use GCVE as a bridge to the future state of a majority serverless infrastructure and using Zerto with GCVE is a big step towards that goal."

Scott Lawson, Director of IT Architecture


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