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One Solution for Cloud Data Management and Protection

Zerto is solving challenges faced by business and IT leaders, system admins, and DevOps teams managing virtualized and cloud environments

One Solution, One Experience

Zerto brings together everything that’s required to keep your infrastructure protected in a single, simple, and scalable cloud data management and protection solution.

Solution Highlights

Based on a foundation of continuous data protection

Enterprise scale for large production environments

Delivers simplicity through automation and orchestration 

Put Zerto To Work Across Your Entire 

IT Organization

Everything you need for disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility

System Administrator

It is very hard to keep track of everything and making sure we are always up and running. There is never enough time or enough of me!

No matter where it resides, protect all of your data, all of the time, and monitor your environment’s health

With just a few clicks, move single VMs or entire applications

Achieve lowest RPOs and RTOs in the industry in the event of a disruption

Easily spin up environments for testing and patching purposes

Save time with an easy and fast installation, or by leveraging advanced orchestration & automation

IT Director

Datacenter consolidation, cloud migration, testing our BC/DR plan, keeping the business running with stretched resources…

I need a solution to help me and my team!

Get single pane-of-glass visibility across your entire environment

Reduce IT complexity and optimize resources by converging DR and backup

Plan future needs and test migration or recovery scenarios with no impact on production

Minimize data loss and downtime with ease from threats like ransomware and other disruptions

CIO | I&O Leader

How can we ensure maximum business resilience while keeping costs down and freeing up resources to support our strategic initiatives?

Attain continuous availability and deliver always-on customer experience

Transform your IT with a future-proof solution that supports your business continuity plan

Lower your TCO and realize up to 50% savings over traditional backup and DR

Streamline your operations and give time back to your teams to focus on modernization and innovation

Backup, Recovery and Data Mobility Solved

Zerto is based on a foundation of continuous data protection (CDP). We bring together disaster recovery and data protection across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Benefit from a single, unified, and automated recovery and data management experience across all virtualized or container-based workloads.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Easily failover single VMs or entire datacenters

  • Continuous Backup

    Instant local recovery from seconds-old copies

  • Long-Term Retention

    Simplify compliance with easy archiving

  • Data Mobility and Migrations

    Migrate applications with ease and without risk

  • Test and Development

    Build and test using near-exact replicas of production

  • Security and Compliance

    Stamp out ransomware and stay protected

Disaster Recovery

Easily failover single VMs or entire datacenters

Disaster Recovery

Zerto’s platform is the gold standard in disaster recovery, drastically mitigating your data loss and downtime no matter whether the disruption is a natural disaster, hardware failure, or anything else that comes your way. Zerto’s continuous data protection unlocks the lowest RPOs and fastest RTOs to enable recovery of whole clusters, multi-VM applications, or simply a single server. Whether recovering to a secondary site, the public cloud, or a managed service provider, Zerto gives you the confidence to protect, manage, and recover all your critical digital assets. 

Continuous Backup

Instant local recovery from seconds-old copies

Continuous Backup

Local continuous backup with Zerto takes the old backup paradigm and flips it on its head: instead of copies made every 12 or 24 hours, Zerto makes always-on backups on an ongoing basis every 5-15 seconds. By using CDP instead of snapshots, Zerto backup doesn’t impact production and lets you forget about the infamous nightly or micromanaging backup windows. Zerto’s continuous backup delivers instant recovery of files, folders, or VMs that are merely seconds behind the real thing—an easy way to totally thwart ransomware or undo accidental deletions.

Long-Term Retention

Simplify compliance with easy archiving

Long-Term Retention

Zerto makes it dead simple to meet your regulatory or legal requirements: send data to the cloud or the purpose-built storage appliance of your choice for retention spanning months or years. These long-term copies can be taken from local backups or DR replicas, are done on a schedule of your choice, and can be stored wherever makes most sense for your business. Powerful indexing & search makes finding and restoring files as easy as 1-2-3 no matter what your 3-2-1 strategy looks like. In it for the long haul? Use cost-effective cloud tiering to move LTR copies from hot to cold to deep freeze storage for data you want to keep but only infrequently access. 

Data Mobility and Migrations

Migrate applications with ease and without risk

Data Mobility and Migrations

Whether for datacenter consolidations, mergers & acquisitions, or an on-ramp to the cloud, Zerto helps our customers move their data and applications with none of the pain typically associated with migrations. Dramatically speed up your migration project with Zerto’s fully orchestrated platform, even if migrating to a different hypervisor or to/from the public cloud. Need to move back later? Zerto’s tech-agnostic approach gives you flexibility to move back whenever needed without being locked into a specific platform or cloud. 

Test and Development

Build and test using near-exact replicas of production

Test and Development

Zerto’s continuous replication means you can always get a copy of production systems that’s only seconds behind. Customers use Zerto to quickly deploy test/dev servers that are nearly identical to production, then let Zerto efficiently clean up once the servers are no longer needed. Easily validate patches or test new code in isolated environments that won’t interfere with production. It’s a win-win for everyone when continuous data protection meets continuous integration and deployment. 

Security and Compliance

Stamp out ransomware and stay protected

Security and Compliance

The unmatched granularity Zerto provides means ransomware or other malware doesn’t have to stop your business—let alone force you into paying a ransom. Use Zerto to quickly rewind to a point in time just prior to the infection and restore your unencrypted files and VMs. That granularity of seconds also enables on-demand sandboxes that are ideal for post-incident forensics, analysis, or proactive scanning. Even pen-testing is made simpler when production replicas can be hammered with no impact to the live systems.

The Zerto Solution: Overview

Zerto delivers cloud data management and protection with a simple, scalable solution built for virtualized and container-based environments running on-premises or in the cloud.

What Does Zerto Do?

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Key Highlights

Zerto delivers numerous benefits to IT organizations managing data and applications on-premises or in the cloud.

Continuous Data Protection

  • Always-on replication
  • Lowest RPOs and fastest RTOs in the industry
  • Granular protection and recovery for apps and databases

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Agility

  • Protect to, from, and between clouds
  • Simple migration from on-premises
  • Easily leverage native cloud services

Simplicity at Scale

  • Built-in orchestration and automation
  • Multi-site analytics across platforms
  • Unified experience no matter the cloud


  • Hardware, hypervisor, and cloud agnostic
  • No physical appliances
  • Future-proof

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