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Modern businesses cannot afford to lose operation-critical data. Given enough time, however, it’s almost guaranteed that your business will encounter some kind of disruption, leading to downtime and data loss—and to related significant enormous costs, financial and otherwise.  

What Is Downtime ?

Downtime is composed of productivity and revenue loss that occurs during an IT outage. For most enterprises, just one hour of downtime can easily hit six figures. Downtime impacts more than just finances. It can result in brand damage and loss of productivity, and it requires resources to analyze, communicate, and report the loss.

Regardless of industry, every business needs a disaster recovery strategy to minimize downtime and in turn ensure uptime and maximize productivity.

The Cost of Downtime

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Zerto to Minimize Downtime

Zerto consistently achieves the lowest recovery time objectives (RTOs), the time it takes to recover data and applications, and the lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs), the last point in time to which a system can be recovered. These low RPOs and RTOs translate into the least amount of downtime possible.

Because Zerto built their solution on a core of continuous data protection, your data is constantly saved as changes are made, making replication fast and easy. Granular journal technology allows you to recover data to within seconds before a disruption, giving you the lowest RPOs possible. And with consistent application recovery, data recovery is both quicker and more efficient, leading to lower RTOs as well.

Zerto Continuous Data Protection

Zerto Journal-Based Recovery

Zerto Application-Centric Protection

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