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Migrate or Recover on AWS with Zerto

Realize the full potential of AWS with the ability to migrate workloads between AWS regions

Mobilize Workloads to or from AWS Sites

Accelerate successful cloud adoption with AWS and Zerto.

Get Empowered to Truly Leverage Cloud Efficiencies

The public cloud market is growing exponentially, and with this growth comes the need for technologies that work independently of the underlying cloud, virtualization, and storage platforms. Zerto’s platform empowers businesses to truly leverage cloud efficiencies with the flexibility to move to, from, or between clouds such as AWS.

Why Zerto for AWS?

Zerto provides agentless enterprise-class replication utilizing cost-effective and flexible S3 storage for replicated data and recovers workloads as needed into EC2 in an automated manner. 

With Zerto, you’ll realize the full potential of AWS with the ability to migrate and protect application workloads in the public cloud and move those workloads back out as needed.

This flexibility minimizes both cost and risk while supplying limitless capacity and scale on demand. 

Zerto Platform for AWS

How Zerto for AWS Works

Zerto’s software-only platform ensures enterprise-class protection of your environment no matter the size with components that include:

Our scale-out replication appliance, with built-in WAN optimization, encryption, and Quality of Service, replicates every change generated in real time to the target journal and is responsible for copying data to the long-term retention repository.

The journal contains all changes that occurred to any protected entity and allows you to use that data to restore to any point in time with seconds of granularity.

The management server integrates with any hypervisor management platform and has an intuitive interface that orchestrates user-initiated operations with simplicity.

A long-term retention repository allows you to store data for years on cost-effective disk, cloud, or object storage.

In public clouds such as AWS, an all-in-one cloud appliance on EC2 combines management and replication components. It integrates natively, using cost-efficient storage offerings, APIs, and cloud scaling features.

Disaster Recovery: AWS as a Target Site

Realize significant cost savings by making AWS a disaster recovery site and only pay for what you use with limitless burst capacity.  

Zerto only creates compute instances in AWS during a test, live recovery, or migration using pre-configured sizing and network settings to simplify your recovery efforts.

Shift Your Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Hitchhiker’s Guide to DR in the Cloud

Backup: Amazon S3 as a Long-term Retention Repository

Zerto offers long-term retention (LTR) to S3 storage, along with built-in data reduction and compression, enabling AWS as a scalable, cost-effective LTR target. See the benefits:

Store data securely with encryption in native long-term retention to Amazon S3 Standard, S3 Standard-IA, and S3 One Zone-IA.

Optionally, use AWS Storage Gateway as a local backup cache with asynchronous backup to Amazon S3 for long-term retention.

New in Zerto 9: Immutability for Amazon S3 repositories to better protect against ransomware, with automatic tiering to Amazon S3 Infrequent Access and Amazon S3 Glacier for better cloud data archiving.

Deploy and Configure Zerto Long-term Retention with Amazon S3

Deploy and Configure AWS Storage Gateway with LTR

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Easy Migrations to, from, and between AWS Sites

Zerto migrates applications and data to the cloud quickly, correctly, and without impact to production environments. This includes migrating between AWS regions.

Deploy Zerto in any underlying infrastructure—no configuration changes required. Replicate VMs, key business applications, or entire datacenters to, from, or between AWS sites with built-in automation and orchestration.

Using Zerto for Migrations to Provide True Mobility

Key Benefits of Zerto for AWS

Ease of Use

Be installed and replicating in under two hours. No professional services or resource overheads.

Reduce Costs & Resources

Save by utilizing AWS as a disaster recovery site to complement or replace on-premises environments, plus save even further with data tiering in AWS from S3 to S3-IA to Glacier.

Multi-Cloud Enabled

Replicate to, from, and between AWS sites or to other public clouds.

No Agents, No Snapshots

Eliminate guest VM impact. Test recovery without production impact at any time.


No hardware appliances or agents required.

What’s Next?

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Configure an AWS S3 Bucket, set up the repository in Zerto, run the retention process and restore a VM back

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