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Array-based Replication

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Array-based replication is a type of data replication, which is the process of copying data via a storage-based snapshot and then replicating that snapshot data to store in additional sites. Array-based replication solutions are similar to appliance-based solutions in that both replication methods are hardware-based and specific to a single platform, but they differ in how they replicate the data.  

What Is Array-based Replication ?

Data replication is the process of copying and storing data at an additional site or sites. Array-based replication is a type of data replication that is performed at the physical or virtual storage array level and doesn’t rely on hypervisor snapshots. Array-based replication products are provided by a specific storage vendor. Because they are single-vendor solutions, these products are only compatible with that specific storage solution.

How Zerto Differs from Array-based Replication

Zerto’s software-based solution provides an enterprise-class replication solution that’s flexible and allows you to take full advantage of virtual environments. Because the Zerto solution is vendor agnostic, you aren’t locked into a particular vendor. And because it’s not array-based, the replication process won’t eat up your array resources.

Zerto is installed directly inside the virtual infrastructure (as opposed to on individual machines), so it integrates with the hypervisor to replicate any data change. Each time, the data is captured, cloned, and sent to the recovery site. This innovative hypervisor-based replication solution is much more efficient, accurate, and responsive than any other replication method. Best of all, Zerto continuously protects your data, so you never have to worry about business-halting data loss.

Zerto Always-on Hypervisor-based Replication

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