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Business Resilience

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Business resilience (or resiliency) refers to your organization’s ability to quickly recover from unplanned disruptions, protecting your people, assets, and brand. The current climate of disruption and business risk has driven some companies to fail while others transform and thrive. The difference is resilience.  

What Is Business Resilience ?

Increasingly, organizations must adapt operations not only in response to disruptive events but also to unceasing change. Business resilience means an organization is prepared to absorb stress, recover critical functionality, and thrive in altered circumstances.

Business Resilience, Business Continuity and IT Resilience

Business resilience includes having a business continuity plan that guides your organization toward resuming operations in the event of a disruption. However, business resilience is more strategic and holistic in its approach compared to business continuity which puts the emphasis on processes to maintain operationality for an organization. IT resilience is about protecting your data and recovering systems and data as quickly as possible during an unplanned disruption. IT resilience and business resilience go hand in hand.

The Key Components of a Business Continuity Plan

Why Is Business Resilience Important?

Businesses need to overcome the impact of both planned and unplanned disruptions as quickly as possible to remain resilient. But it is not only disruptions that are prompting resilience. The business landscape is changing and introducing new challenges such as:

  • Accelerated technological evolution  
  • The interconnection of the global economy  
  • Pandemic, travel shutdowns, and a remote workforce 
  • Broader issues, including supply chain instability and climate change

If businesses don’t remain resilient, they may find themselves struggling to keep up or get left behind. This is even more true if they were to experience an unexpected disruption such as ransomware, which will impact their ability to operate—or even recover at all.

Zerto and Business Resilience

An integral part of business resilience is being in the mindset that it’s not a matter of whether you will experience a disruption, but when. Zerto’s solution ensures that your systems and data can be recovered with minimal data loss—and within minutes or hours instead of days or weeks—regardless of the type of disruption.

Zerto delivers unparalleled protection in a single, simple, and scalable solution. With continuous data protection, simple recovery workflows, and the ability to non-disruptively test recovery plans often, Zerto delivers greater resilience than traditional data protection solutions.

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