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Cloud Data Management

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Cloud data management involves storing, handling, and processing data in the cloud. Organizations can choose to have all data stored off-site in the cloud, or they can combine cloud storage with on-premises storage. Data management in the cloud offers many benefits but also involves potential risks.  

What Is Cloud Data Management ?

Cloud data management is putting data in the cloud rather than on servers at your location. Cloud data can complement on-premises data storage, though organizations are increasingly choosing to put all their data in the cloud. One benefit of cloud data management is that the cloud allows users to access data from any location. Using the cloud for data management also makes backup, disaster recovery, and archiving simpler, as you can purchase additional storage when needed, which makes it cost effective. A drawback to cloud data management, however, is potential issues with security and data loss.

Why Choose Cloud Data Management?

Traditional data storage has some real downsides:

  • Expensive upgrades or replacements for aging hardware 
  • Rising costs of datacenter leases 
  • Additional costs associated with scaling 
  • Specialized in-house expertise for compliance 
  • Increased risk of maintaining data on-premises

Managing your data in the cloud addresses each of these issues with flexibility, built-in security, and affordability. But moving your data to the cloud can be complex and slow, putting data at risk while eating up your internal resources.

How Are Organizations Protecting Their Data in the Cloud?

Zerto for Cloud Data Management

With its time-saving and data-preserving features, Zerto is a trusted companion on your journey to cloud data management. Zerto enables cloud-based disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility with one solution that orchestrates and automates your moveā€”in just a few minutes. Zerto helps you easily manage your cloud data:

Zerto Solution for Cloud Data Management and Data Protection

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