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DevTest stands for development and testing, an approach to software development that closes the gap between the development and testing phases. When you use a DevTest approach, you enable higher levels of efficiency, help reduce the impacts of software errors, and speed up the delivery of new features and bug fixes across your organization.  

What Is DevTest ?

Traditionally, development and testing were two separate functions, creating delays between writing code and testing that same code. In DevTest, both phases are integrated so problems can be discovered and addressed more quickly. To perform a DevTest without causing any disruptions, you need to clone your production environment to create an isolated space for testing. When you have the right software, it only takes a few quick steps to create copies of the target environment and then begin testing.

Creating a Replica of your Environment (example with Zerto)

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Creating a Bubble Network (Replica of your Environment) with Zerto

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Why Use DevTest?

Legacy methods such as patch testing and deployment can create fear and uncertainty for systems administrators and IT professionals. Because IT departments want to avoid headaches, using these legacy methods causes many organizations to lag behind in the patching and deployment area. But this lag can lead to regulatory violations, costing your organization serious revenue in the form of fines—and can create serious security risks, leaving your organization vulnerable to cyber-attacks and ransomware.

When you implement a DevTest process with the right software, you avoid these problems altogether by leveraging orchestration and automation capabilities that greatly simplify IT operations, reduce errors, and eliminate configuration drift.

Zerto for DevTest

Zerto is the answer to ending patch deployment hesitancies and enabling convenient QA testing of applications. It offers easy initiation of non-disruptive testing environments that are exact, high fidelity, replicas of production.

Testing occurs in an isolated sandbox so your production environment isn’t affected at all—no one outside of IT might even notice it’s happening. With four clicks, the testing can begin, showing you what impact patches will have on production or whether an application under development behaves as expected. This approach comes with many benefits:

  • Staying compliant
  • Limiting exposure to threats
  • Reducing the time required to get results and apply them to production

Zerto also allows you to refresh and automate a majority of the formerly manual operations associated with DevTest, revolutionizing the way your teams complete these processes.

Self-service Environment Cloning with Zerto

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