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Security and Compliance

Zerto delivers a simple and reportable way to recover, protect, and test your applications

Remain Resilient and Compliant at All Times  

From tackling threat vulnerabilities and ensuring cyber resilience to demonstrating compliance, Zerto has your back.

Fully automated failover & failback to recover corrupt applications and data within minutes of when the infection struck.

Recover from Ransomware

Pass audits and stay in compliance with built-in reporting and hassle-free testing.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Execute non-disruptive patch testing against seconds-old true copies of production in an isolated sandbox, all in four clicks.

Non-disruptive Patch Testing

Ransomware? Recoverware

No more unplanned downtime. Eliminate ransomware data loss and downtime with continuous data protection.

Organizations must ensure they’re able to recover from ransomware, not just be protected. Our current landscape requires organizations to accept that a ransomware attack will happen, and must take measures to ensure their data can remain resilient.

 A resilient approach requires a shift in the way you think about ransomware, from exclusive focus on preventing attacks to being prepared for the eventuality of an attack. You must also have a recovery solution that guarantees access to your data, without gaps or data loss, in the event of attack so your operation is back up and running without delays. Snapshots introduce high RPOs and lengthy RTOs, so modern organizations must shift to continuous data protection (CDP) to get real-time recovery from ransomware.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Zerto enables orchestrated and automated disaster recovery testing, carried out any time, with just four simple clicks. Test without disruptions, as often as your organization requires, while drastically reducing the days and hours spent on disaster recovery testing. The Zerto solution enables you to:

Deliver automated, pre-packaged test reporting of your testing event for auditing purposes.

Utilize supported pre- and post-recovery scripts to further automate the recovery process, as well as PowerShell cmdlets and REST APIs for further customization.

Test migrations ahead of time in an isolated bubble network, giving you the confidence your migration will perform quickly and successfully.

Patch Testing

Patch testing can be disruptive and can make any IT pro nervous. Zerto delivers easy, non-disruptive patch testing against seconds-old true copies of production in an isolated sandbox. All in four clicks.

With Zerto’s unmatched granularity of seconds, your test clones are only seconds behind their production counterparts in order to provide a true picture of how a specific patch or upgrade will behave. Getting started is automated and orchestrated so you can remain compliant and limit the potential risks of patch testing while reducing the resources and time used.