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Recoverware. Zerto’s Got You Covered.

Preventing malware attacks isn’t always possible, but mitigating the threat is. Zerto’s ransomware protection helps you quickly recover, reduce disruptions to your business, and achieve cyber resilience.

Withstand a Cyber-attack with No Data Loss or Downtime 

It’s not a matter of if but when you will get hit by ransomware. Zerto’s fully automated failover and failback recovers corrupt applications and data within minutes of when the infection struck. It’s ransomware protection for the enterprise. 

Don’t Let Ransomware Hold Your Data Hostage  

Once a ransomware attack strikes, your files are locked down. And if your latest backup is from last night, last week, or even last month, you stand to lose valuable data resulting in big costs to the business. 

Zerto’s platform protects your systems with minimal data loss and downtime after a ransomware attack. Our continuous data protection (CDP) means full data recovery in only a few clicks, with the granularity to rewind to a point in time precisely before the attack occurred. Recover only what you need: a few files, virtual machines, or an entire application stack. 

It’s Time to Attack Your Ransomware Recovery Strategy 

With the right ransomware protection strategy in place, it is possible to greatly mitigate the impact of cyberattacks on your business and respond effectively. 

Mitigating the Threat of Cyber Security Attacks

Zerto Protection in Action: Ransomware Recovery 

Gain confidence that you can recover from a malicious attack in just minutes with Zerto. Get enterprise ransomware protection. 

How to Recover from Ransomware

Pinpoint Attacks with Zerto Analytics

Network reports within Zerto Analytics help you find unusual behavior in generated changes and to pinpoint the timeframe of malware attacks. 

Learn About Zerto Analytics 

Proven Ransomware Recovery 

Don’t let the threat of ransomware become a company-wide consuming event. With malware hackers getting better at their tactics each day, Zerto empowers you to fight back, prepare for, and respond to potential threats to minimize the risks to your business. 

Use DR Testing to Ensure Success

Have confidence in your recovery in the event of a disaster. Perform automated DR testing anytime with full compliance reporting.

Experience Uninterrupted Performance During Attacks

See how a large insurance carrier uses Zerto to recover from ransomware not once but on several occasions. 

Explore Zerto’s Automated Disaster Recovery Testing Abilities

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Key Benefits of Zerto for Ransomware Protection

Rewind your systems to the last point in time before the infection struck 

Recover all your critical systems within minutes, with only a few clicks of a button 

Restore from seconds ago or years ago 

Perform non-disruptive failover tests at any time, boosting confidence that you can bring the business back online immediately 

Restore entire applications, databases, or individual files with consistency and granularity

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