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Preventing Ransomware Isn’t Always Possible — But Mitigating the Threat Is

Recover in minutes, at scale, to a state seconds before an attack. Only Zerto can do that.

Get Out of Ransomware Jail 

Unlock a very fast ransomware recovery solution with Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Protect 10 VMs, right now, for free. 

Ransomware Attacks Grow in Severity and Scale  

Preventing ransomware is no longer enough. Increasingly sophisticated malware can slip through your defenses, encrypt your critical data, and cripple your business. With data now in disparate locations and workloads — and in the hands of more users than ever — rapid recovery is key when an attack gets through. After all, no organization is immune from an attack. A recent study from IDC found that

  • 79% of those surveyed activated a disaster response
  • 83% experienced data corruption from an attack
  • Nearly 60% experienced uncoverable data

Unlike typical backup solutions, only Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) technology mitigates costly risks like data loss, downtime, and disruptive recovery testing. 

Take the Stress Out of Ransomware Recovery 

Dramatically mitigate the risks and impact of cyberattacks by having the right ransomware strategy in place.

Recover corrupted applications and data within minutes of initial infection with Zerto’s automated failover and failback.

Cyberattacks Survival Kit

Ransomware Readiness 101 Guide

Zerto Protection: Ransomware Recovery in Minutes, At Scale

Leverage Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection, with its always-on replication and journaling technology, to recover entire sites and applications at scale, with only seconds of data loss — and resume operations. 

Recover to a State Seconds Before an Attack

With just a few clicks, recover your multi-VM applications to a point in time just seconds prior to an attack. Applications and all their VMs are recovered as one single, crash-consistent unit.  

Using built-in orchestration and automation, you can easily failover an entire site — without disruption.  

Manage and Mitigate the High Cost of Cyber Threats

How to Recover from Ransomware

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Lower Risk with Instant, Non-disruptive Testing 

Malware hackers use more sophisticated tactics each day, so testing your data protection solution regularly is crucial. Gain confidence by frequently testing both failover and recovery quickly – at any time, with full compliance reporting, and without disruption to your production environment. 

Explore Zerto’s Automated Disaster Recovery Testing Abilities

Intelligent Insights with Zerto Analytics

Built-in intelligent dashboards and reports help you to spot trends and identify anomalies, to pinpoint the timeframe of malware attacks. 

Explore Zerto Analytics 

Recover Confidently with Immutable Data Copies

Immutable data copies are untouchable by ransomware so hackers can’t encrypt or deleted your data in an attack. Recover your data confidently after an attack with Zerto’s built-in immutability with:  

  • Immutable data copies that can be stored within Microsoft Azure Blob Storage 
  • Microsoft Azure and AWS S3-compatible storage as a destination for immutable data copies  
  • Zerto Backup for SaaS for offsite immutable backups of Azure Active Directory, a critical component for recovering quickly from ransomware  

Key Benefits of Zerto for Ransomware Protection

Rewind your systems to the last point in time before the infection struck 

Recover all your critical systems within minutes, with only a few clicks of a button 

Restore from seconds ago to years ago 

Perform non-disruptive failover tests at any time, boosting confidence that you can bring the business back online immediately 

Restore entire applications , databases, or individual files with consistency and granularity


Cyber Resilience: Manage and Mitigate the High Cost of Ransomware with Zerto

Learn how can you mitigate the threat of ransomware & recover from an attack that takes place with Zerto Virtual Replication. 

ESG: The Long Road Ahead of Ransomware Preparedness 

Learn how companies need to move beyond prevention technologies and look at more comprehensive backup protection.

IDC: State of Ransomware and Disaster Preparedness 2022 

In this IDC study, learn how IT leaders are approaching: cloud-first IT strategy and cloud-based disaster recovery, pervasive malware and ransomware attacks, and more.

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