Continuous Backup & Recovery - Zerto

Continuous Backup with Zerto

Eliminate downtime and data loss with Zerto for backup

Simple, Instant Backup for All Applications

Increase performance, lower cost by replacing legacy backup with Zerto.

Minimize data loss with a modern backup solution based on continuous data protection.

Backup Modernization

Store data for years while reducing cost with Microsoft Azure and AWS storage.

Backup to the Cloud

The protection of your SaaS application falls on you. Zerto has your back.

Backup for SaaS

Modernize Backup with Zerto

In the modern business environment, organizations must have technology available 24/7 to operate efficiently and meet consumer demand. Downtime and data loss can cost a company millions of dollars and damage its reputation. Yet traditional backup systems are notoriously inadequate when it comes to ensuring quick recovery and minimal data loss. What if your organization could get both in one simple, vendor-agnostic solution? What if that same solution met your data retention, compliance and local backup needs?

Instant Recovery

Instantly restore data with RPOs of seconds and no impact to production.

Automated Workflows

From file restore to application recoveries in just a few clicks .

50% Lower TCO

Reduce resources, time, and infrastructure dedicated to data protection.

Scale-out Software

Simple installation, configuration, and management of thousands of VMs only using software.

Backup to the Cloud

Moving backup to the cloud reduces costs and brings infrastructure reliability. The public cloud’s pay-as-you-go model helps organizations transform quickly and avoid the capital expenses associated with on-premises appliances for backup. Zerto gives you the freedom to easily move backup to the cloud and store data for years using cost-effective Microsoft Azure and AWS storage tiers.

Backup for SaaS

With organizations moving quickly to the cloud and implementing SaaS applications, the challenge is that the protection for the SaaS data falls on you, the customer—not the vendor. IT teams are responsible for protecting users, data, and administration and must solve problems related to data protection from things like human errors, programmatic errors, malicious insiders, external hackers, and viruses or malware. Zerto Backup for SaaS is a powerful backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Zerto for Kubernetes

At its core, protecting containers is a major contrast from protecting VMs. Because of this, legacy backup and disaster recovery won’t suffice. Zerto is the only vendor to provide a native, purpose-built solution with continuous data protection for backup, disaster recovery, and long-term retention in a simple, scalable, software-only solution.

Zerto for Kubernetes

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One Solution, One Experience for Disaster Recovery and Backup

Zerto provides a single solution for disaster recovery and backup based on the foundation of continuous data protection. Organizations now have the ability to consolidate tools and reduce costs & complexity with just one solution. Zerto has brought its leading continuous data protection technology to the backup world to ensure you get the same leading RTOs and RPOs for all backup use cases and across all application tiers.

One Platform, One Experience for Disaster Recovery and Backup – High Level Architecture

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