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Hitchhiker’s Guide to Kubernetes DR

Join Anthony Dutra, Zerto Technical Marketing Engineer, as he explores the dark depths of disaster recovery for Kubernetes. Learn how Zerto’s cloud-native solution enables disaster recovery of K8s applications that is storage-agnostic, API-first, doesn’t rely on legacy technologies, and protects all resources that comprise an application.



American Airlines’ DR and Migration Strategy Takes Flight with Zerto

Join Caroline Seymour, Zerto Vice President of Product Marketing, and Vijay Premkumar, American Airlines, Sr Manager – Cloud and Platform Engineering, as they discuss how fast Zerto has been deployed at American Airlines and the role it plays in their IT Transformation journey.



Scary DR Stories – 2022 Edition

Watch this webinar where three of your peers share their scariest outages or events and discuss how Zerto helps companies recover from being placed in the dungeon of a ransomware attack, and delivers you from things as scary as the Demorgogon.



Simple Orchestration & Automation for Disaster Recovery with Zerto

Learn about the automation and orchestration capabilities built into Zerto. You’ll see how you can easily customize and streamline your disaster recovery operations to unlock efficiencies and minimize manual operations.

Latest Resources

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Recovery is the Cornerstone of Ransomware Resilience

Understand the fundamentals of ransomware resilience and get everything you need to know to protect your business and establish a recovery plan.

DRaaS 101 eBook

For many organizations, DRaaS is an ideal solution. Our DRaaS 101 eBook describes in detail the benefits of DRaaS and the wide variety of models available.

Competitive Documentation

Evaluating a new solution for DR or backup? Need to understand the differences between various flavors of CDP? Check out our competitive and technology comparison documentation.

Why Zerto for Ransomware Resilience

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly common, targeting organizations of all sizes and industries. Zerto uses a combination of advanced technologies and best practices to combat these threats.

Zerto Product Announcement

Learn about the latest Zerto 9.5 capabilities and enhancements, get insights about the state of ransomware and disaster recovery and more!

Latest Blog Posts

Dive into recent updates, technology trends, and best practices with the experts.

Why SREs Need DR Now

IT is filled with acronyms. From A to Zerto Virtual Manager Appliance (ZVMA), there’s no shortage of letter combinations that make up technical jargon. However, these acronyms help us quickly describe the relationship between technical functions, like two that we hear often when talking about application infrastructure: SRE and DR. Site reliability engineering (SRE) and […]

Enabling Multi-Cloud Mobility for the JWCC Contract

With the Department of Defense Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) contract award, cloud services will become an integral part of mission strategies, and migrating and protecting mission applications and data is key to a successful move to the cloud. Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is a single, software-only tool that provides an easy path […]

Part 1 – Don’t Hate, Replicate: The Benefits of One-to-Many Replication

Imagine what we could achieve if we could be multiple places at once. Think about the downtime that we’d avoid while guaranteeing uptime. Though we can’t exist everywhere at once, your business applications sure can. With Zerto’s one-to-many replication functionality, you can ensure consistent application uptime against any threat. It’s available now in both Zerto […]

Why Choose Zerto for Ransomware Resilience

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly common in recent years, targeting organizations of all sizes and industries. The consequences of a ransomware attack can be devastating, with organizations losing access to critical data and systems and even facing financial losses and reputational damage. Continuous Data Protection and Journal-Based Replication To combat the ever-growing threat of ransomware […]

DR 101: Synchronous, A-Synchronous and Near-Synchronous Replication Technologies (Updated on February 2023)

When it comes to data storage and management, replication is a common technique used to ensure availability and protection. Data replication involves creating copies of data and storing them in multiple locations so that they can be accessed even if one of the storage locations fails or becomes unavailable. This makes it a primary technology for […]

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Zerto Announces Partner of the Year Awards for 2022

Zerto announced its 2022 Partner of the Year Awards as named by the company’s partner advisory board. AHEAD and TierPoint are recognized for their significant achievements.

Zerto Extends Leadership in Ransomware Resilience

Zerto announced the availability of a series of major product updates, bringing its ransomware recovery capabilities to the leading cloud providers. 

Zerto Wins Best Feature Set and Best Relations Awards

Zerto is proud to be recognized by TrustRadius for having an outstanding feature set in the disaster recovery software category.

Zerto Joins AWS ISV Workload Migration Partner Program

Zerto customers will benefit from enhanced technical enablement which accelerates migrations with a repeatable and scalable methodology, automations, and tools that leverage AWS best practices.

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