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Zerto Reference Architectures

Get a glimpse of what the Zerto platform can do to protect and mobilize your applications in a true software-only, mix-and-match nature

Zerto Platform Architecture Guide

For anyone designing for backup, disaster recovery, and data mobility with Zerto.

Solving for Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Data Mobility

Zerto’s software-only platform delivers backup, disaster recovery (DR), and data mobility across on-premises and cloud environments.

Disaster Recovery

By including all the replication, recovery orchestration, and automation in one simple software platform, users can recover one, all, or a subset of virtualized applications from anywhere to anywhere.

Zerto not only allows replication and recovery between any storage, but it also protects across and between multiple hypervisors and public cloud platforms. This delivers a best-of-breed business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR) solution irrespective of underlying hypervisor, public cloud, or storage.


Get granularity without impacting production performance with Zerto’s continuous data protection that delivers recovery point objectives (RPOs) of seconds by replicating every change that is being generated in near real-time.

While short-term backups are taken care of, long-term retention requirements are also covered through Zerto’s architecture. Accelerate your cloud adoption and achieve lower TCO converging backup and DR with the Zerto platform.

Data Mobility & Migrations

Move applications to, from, and between multiple platforms, on-premises or cloud, with minimal business impact and no traditional infrastructure constraints. Zerto removes the traditional lock-in to these platforms and includes the ability to validate mobility prior to the live event without production impact. Accelerate your datacenter consolidation or cloud migration projects with the speed and power of Zerto’s always-on replication engines.

Supported Use Cases

  • Outages & Disruptions
  • Ransomware Attacks


  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • Consolidations & Migrations
  • Testing & DevOps
  • Analytics Across Clouds
Outages & Disruptions

Outages & Disruptions

Any disruption on the production site—whether it’s power, network, or otherwise—is protected with recovery of your files and folders, VMs, applications or site within just a few minutes to a point in time just seconds before the issue occurred.

Ransomware Attacks


Ransomware Attacks

Recovery from ransomware attacks can be from just seconds before encryption occurred, minimizing data loss and business impact. You can recover your files and folders, VMs, applications, or entire sites—and do so without paying a penny in ransom.

Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization

This same architecture can be used to move your workloads from an end of life platform to your new infrastructure in just minutes, significantly speeding up infrastructure modernization projects.

Consolidations & Migrations

Consolidations & Migrations

Where multiple sites are to be consolidated or migrated to the same target, this architecture can be used to streamline the process. This enables pre-migration testing and live migration times of just minutes.

Testing & DevOps

Testing & DevOps

Allows the creation of replicas, at the remote site, of your production environment from any point in time in just minutes. This provides greater flexibility for your development teams and reduces overhead on DevOps teams, as well as enabling DR testing and validation.

Analytics Across Clouds

Analytics Across Clouds

A single SaaS-based analytics platform providing complete data analysis across all your sites, both on-premises and in the cloud. This provides a single view that simplifies management and monitoring without added cost.

Disaster Recovery with a Single Remote Target

Protected VMs are grouped in VPGs with consistency across all the VMs within each VPG. A remote journal is configured on the target site and used for short-term recovery scenarios where recovery granularity of just seconds can be achieved. The recommended journal history period for this journal is 8 days as this will cover most recovery scenarios. All changes on the protected VMs are then kept for 8 days before being promoted to the remote replica disk(s).

Components of the Zerto Platform

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Local Continuous Backup and Disaster Recovery

This reference architecture takes the previous “disaster recovery” reference architecture and adds a local journal as well as a long-term retention repository which uses cost-effective public cloud storage.

The local journal provides a continuous backup capability, allowing you to instantly restore files, VMs, or applications locally with the granularity of seconds, ensuring minimal data loss in the event of an issue.

The long-term retention repository helps you store the data beyond the journal history for compliance needs.

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Local Continuous Backup and Public Cloud Disaster Recovery

This reference architecture takes the previous “local continuous backup and disaster recovery” reference architecture, but with the remote target being the public cloud.

In this configuration, two journals are created: one on the source, and one on the remote public cloud target. This cloud journal is placed on blob storage in Azure or an S3 bucket in AWS and is configured on the cloud side. This reduces cost footprint by having only storage costs incurred, not idle compute costs, and the compute requirements only being spun up in a recovery scenario.

Additional Use Cases

Cloud Integration & Migration: move workloads to your chosen cloud platform in just minutes with zero data loss.

Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Cloud: provides freedom to move workloads around on-demand as requirements change.

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Architecture 1: Disaster Recovery with a Single Remote Target

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Architecture 2: Local Continuous Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Architecture 3: Local Continuous Backup and Public Cloud Disaster Recovery

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