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Learning and advice from tech experts across our community on all things from APIs to Cloud and navigating today’s complex IT landscape.

Best Practices in Disaster Recovery Planning

As IT application availability requirements continue to evolve, technology continues change to meet the new requirements.  Join us as we discuss planning considerations for bringing your virtualized workloads into the next generation of IT resilience.  You will learn about data center options to consider as part of your recovery strategy, business and technical trade-offs that will have to be made, capacity planning considerations, and testing approaches to that are possible that will optimize application up-time.

Intro to API's with Postman

As technology shifts to software defined everything, the ability to understand and explore APIs is becoming a necessary skill for every IT professional. This migration away from a historical “point and click” exploration skillset can be jarring and leave individuals wondering how to get started. In this session, Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn and Wes Carroll will provide an overview of how to get started understanding APIs, different interaction types, and authentication methods. We will also be showing you how to leverage the popular API client Postman to make learning and exploring APIs easy and repeatable.

Discover the Economic Impact of DR in the Cloud

Considering a move to the cloud? Moving your disaster recovery (DR) to the cloud is a good place to start or expand cloud adoption. As the role of the cloud continues to evolve in modern IT, you may be asking what strategy or cloud model should I deploy? Big benefits like cost savings and ease-of-use are some of the reasons many companies are shifting from on-premises to cloud for their DR, but navigating the right approach while balancing tradeoffs is important. Join this session with experts Enrico Signoretti, Gigaom Research Analyst, Derek Adair, Zerto Cloud Architect, and Caroline Seymour, Zerto VP of Product Marketing, to explore the technical and economic benefits of moving DR to the cloud and find the right options and approach.

Rethinking RFPs in an Always-On World

In a world of 24/7 availability, reducing downtime and data loss are priorities. The expectations of disaster recovery, backup and cloud mobility are changing. Performance requirements, ease of use, and automation are more important than ever. Join Andy Fernandez on a discussion focusing on the future of RFPs and tips for your organization to find the right platform and avoid legacy solutions and outdated tools. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of what the disaster recovery and data protection RFPs of the future will look like.