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Zerto Technical Comparison

What Makes Zerto Different?

Zerto delivers the fastest RPOs and RTOs in the industry at any scale. Greatly simplify your data protection with our software-only, scale-out architecture that doesn’t require any dedicated hardware. Our streamlined user experience allows you to orchestrate protection, recovery, and migrations with easy-to-use workflows.

Technology Comparison Matrix

Zerto is built on a foundation of continuous data protection with replication occurring at the hypervisor layer, allowing for granular recovery, RPOs of seconds without performance impact, and full application stack consistency. To provide meaningful comparison against other technologies, elements have been categorized into four groupings, including architecture, replication, recovery and automation, and cloud readiness.

Zerto vs Legacy Solutions

A world of uninterrupted technology requires solutions that keep businesses and their applications running 24/7—no matter what disruption or threat comes along. Learn how Zerto stacks up against other disaster recovery and backup technologies in the market.


Zerto Versus Legacy Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery approaches of the past no longer fit the needs of businesses operating in a modern IT environment. In a 24/7 world, downtime is not tolerable—whether planned or unplanned. Evaluate the differences between Zerto and our approach of continuous data protection against other disaster recovery solutions. Criteria evaluated in this technical assessment include:

Granularity of Recovery

Application Protection and Recovery

Scalability, Simplicity, and Visibility


Zerto vs Traditional Backup

With the rapid changes in IT and constantly evolving threats, are we still able to rely on the backup technologies of the past? New demands are driving modernization in backup with Zerto leading the charge. Evaluate the differences between Zerto and other backup solutions. Comparisons focus on capabilities involving:

Protection Technology

Granularity of Recovery

Application Protection and Recovery

Scalability, Simplicity, and Visibility

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