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Insight-Driven Analytics for Cloud Data Management and Protection

Proactively monitor, analyze, troubleshoot, and plan your data protection strategy and deployment across multi-site and multi-cloud IT Infrastructures

See the Big Picture

Track and monitor the health and status of your entire protected environment whenever and wherever you want—from browsers to mobile devices.

Why Zerto Analytics

Our SaaS-based Analytics includes out-of-the-box dashboards and reports providing complete visibility across multi-site, multi-cloud environments to ensure you meet your service-level agreements (SLAs) and delivers easy, hands-off compliance reporting.

But it’s not just visibility: we give you tools to do intelligent, predictive infrastructure planning to deepen your ability to optimize and be proactive around your data protection strategy.

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Health Visibility at

No Extra Cost

Be confident your environments are performing at their best. Monitor and analyze performance of your network, journal, and RPO with dashboards and reports of protected sites and applications.

Zerto gives visibility into storage and consumption data with aggregated storage data used in a datastore and the ability to drill into journal storage, capacity, total free space, and protected, recovery, scratch, and appliance volumes.

Zerto Analytics comes included with your purchase of Zerto. It is out-of-the-box and goes to work as soon as you enable it.

Provide compliance reporting for PCI, ISO, HIPAA, SEC, SOX, and GDPR regulations. 

Zerto Analytics: Gain Complete Visibility

Troubleshooting and Optimization

Through intelligent dashboards you can spot trends, identify anomalies for ransomware mitigation, and troubleshoot issues in network, RPO, and other business SLAs.

With these insights, you can eliminate inefficiencies and allocate resources effectively to mitigate data loss, reduce downtime, and take control of your data.

Zerto Analytics Overview

Predictive Infrastructure Planning

As your IT environment grows and diversifies, ensure your data protection needs are met with Zerto’s intelligent predictive infrastructure planning.

Monitor and perform analysis of your protected environment to determine the required compute, storage, and networking resources for any or all of your environment, both on-premises or in the cloud.

Build out your data protection strategy with ‘what-if’ scenario modeling to plan VM protection across clouds or on-premises, to transition from on-premises to cloud, or to protect additional VMs within your environment.

Resource Planner Overview

Key Benefits 

Complete Visibility—Recognize issues in your environment and respond before it’s too late

Increased Efficiency—With Zerto, everything is in one place to save you time and hassle.

Agile Audits—Push button, sit back, and relax. Let Zerto keep proving its value. 

Resource Optimization—Your system already runs smooth, let Zerto help make you even better.

Zero Disruptions—Test when you want. You control your data, not the other way around.

Proactive Planning—Need to make a change? Easily update the way your data is protected. 

What’s Next?

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Zerto Analytics Secure Architecture

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Unleashing the Power of the Zerto Analytics API

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