Tired of Not Being Able to Believe in Your Storage Vendor? Become an Agnostic with Zerto

By Shannon Snowden, Zerto’s Sr. Technical Marketing Architect

Storage-Vendor3Recently Nigel Poulton published a great blog post, http://blog.nigelpoulton.com/xtremio-craps-on-emc-badge/, where he eloquently laid out his disenchantment with his storage vendor’s marketing message versus the reality of what they actually sold him.

This came in the same week where there was more than one Twitter battle between storage vendors.   While the ping-pong matches on Twitter are kind of funny to watch as each vendor digs up some dirt on the other, we empathize with Nigel’s situation. He is talking about significant financial impact to the business because he is unable to do non-disruptive upgrades to the storage, even though the product was sold to include those capabilities.

Zerto Virtual Replication is software defined data protection and mobility, and is completely agnostic to the storage hardware underneath.   If you need to completely evacuate the data from your storage array to some other array, even from a different vendor, or even to a different site, you can do that with Zerto. In fact, Fujitsu did it, and another Fortune 100 company completed a large-scale application migration in 18 minutes

Unfortunately, we shouldn’t be holding our breath until the message actually matches the product with many storage vendors.   You can, however, prepare yourself by becoming more agnostic to hardware.   There is a reason why software-defined everything is the future in our industry. It is much more flexible and forgiving to change, and helps you overcome known, or surprise unknown, deficiencies with the hardware.

The future will be even more dynamic and unpredictable with more surprises ahead.   Zerto is continuously helping you prepare for that by adding more hypervisors and more public cloud support.


A good indicator to us that our message matches our product is what we hear when we co-present with one of our customers at various VMUG events. In fact, yesterday, one of our customers was asked by a prospect if he should do a POC with Zerto. Our customer answered,

“I just want to say that I am increasingly frustrated with IT products. You read their marketing materials and they sound great, so you try them out. You waste time energy and resources as these products do not deliver. Zerto does deliver. It does what its products say it is going to do. Do the POC. You will not be wasting your time.”

Customers consistently confirm that Zerto does exactly what we say it does.

That’s something even an agnostic can believe.

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