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Keep a Keen Eye on your SaaS Backups!

January 31, 2024
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Zerto Backup for SaaS, powered by Keepit, introduces a monitoring dashboard for your SaaS backups.

Why Monitoring and Analyzing your SaaS Backup Data is important?

Despite basic out-of-the-box protection from SaaS vendors, data residing in SaaS applications is your responsibility, not the vendor’s. This data is exposed to potential risks like outages, accidental deletion, and ransomware attacks that can lead to loss or downtime. Moreover, monitoring data activities allows organizations to proactively detect and respond to security threats, such as unauthorized access or data breaches. Ultimately, combining backup and monitoring practices ensures data resilience, regulatory compliance, and overall business continuity in the digital landscape.

That is why Zerto Backup for SaaS, powered by Keepit, has released a new Monitoring dashboard to help users analyze their SaaS backup data and has opened access to a preview program for its anomaly detection!

Overview of the Zerto Backup for SaaS Monitoring Dashboard

By default, Zerto Backup for SaaS schedules two (2) backups or snapshots per day running automatically every 12 hours. The amount of snapshots accumulated and running in the background provides a rich opportunity to monitor and analyze SaaS backup data, empowering users to spot anomalies easily.

The Monitoring dashboard provides users with an overview of data growth and changes for each of their different Connectors , which includes Microsoft Active Directory, Google Workspace, Salesforce, and more.

1. Snapshot size

The overall growth of a user’s backup is shown in the first graph with the snapshot size. This gives users a good overview of trends of data growth and data changes. Normally, the overall snapshot size will grow as more data is added to the production environment. Through this graph, users can quickly identify if growth is progressing as expected or if there are any spikes or sudden changes.

2. Snapshot change and item count

This graph showcases a more detailed overview to help explain changes in the snapshot size. If users see a spike in snapshot size, it usually means that new files have been added or modified. Users can verify the cause by selecting “Added“, “Modified“, or “Removed” from the dropdown menu of the graph to see a breakdown of size changes and number of files.

For instance, if there is a spike in snapshot size, users will either see a spike in size of the files or the number of files on the same date.

Filtering the graph to either “Modified” or “Removed” enables users to verify their assumptions about the trends within files being changed between snapshots. For example, major outliers in the “Modified” category (i.e. a file that is being changed a little too frequently) could indicate suspicious activity, warranting further investigation.

3. Changed item data size

This tile shows a simple overview of the total size of added, modified, and removed files. Here, users can select changes on the current day or jump back to look back at the last seven (7) days.

4. Anomaly detection preview program

Anomaly detection for those using Zerto Backup for SaaS is available for preview by signing up for the program. Users will be given early access to findings from the anomaly detection data model. Anomalies will be identified from different sources with labels to indicate severity. Anomaly detection will be added as an extension to the Monitoring dashboard.

In a Nutshell: Benefits of the Zerto Backup for SaaS Monitoring Dashboard

In summary, the Monitoring dashboard is useful for keeping track of the size of a user’s SaaS backup and the changes in data growth and consumption. This is helpful for verifying that user SaaS-backups are growing as expected and to identify possible causes if irregularities are identified. While there is no alerting, users can sign up for early access to anomaly detection through the dashboard.

Get started and check out Zerto Backup for SaaS, or get in touch to learn more or request a demo.


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