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Zerto Unlocks More Benefits on Microsoft Azure with Zerto 8.5

The recent release of Zerto 8.5 brings new backup and VMware on cloud capabilities, giving users a fast and easy path to unlock the benefits of Microsoft Azure. Everyone is looking for ways to move to the cloud, with all of the benefits and none of the usual challenges and fears. At Zerto, we understand […]

The Reviews Are In: Zerto Tops Info-Tech’s Backup Report

The Zerto platform delivers best-in-class performance among backup and availability vendors. But don’t take our word for it—look at what Software Reviews/ Info-Tech Research Group has to say about it. In a recently published report, Software Reviews gave Zerto’s platform the highest composite score (8.8/10) in its review of 55 backup and availability software suppliers. […]

Zerto’s CDP is Giving Customers Something to Talk About

I work on the Zerto Customer Programs team and love getting to connect with customers every day. My position gives me a unique front-row seat to see the value of resilient IT with continuous data protection (CDP) and the benefits of instant file recovery that come with Zerto. In one simple and scalable platform, Zerto […]

Lower Your TCO with Zerto

A Compelling Case for Displacing Your Legacy Backup The release of Zerto 8.5 and our new Zerto Data Protection (ZDP) offering expand your flexible architecture. Together, they make a compelling financial story: by replacing backup with continuous data protection (CDP), Zerto can deliver TCO savings of 50% over traditional, non-continuous backup and disaster recovery solutions. […]

Zerto Data Protection Launch: A New World of Backup is Here 

Continuous Data Protection for All Applications  When we say all, we mean all. Introducing Zerto Data Protection, that delivers local continuous backup and long-term data retention to the public cloud – and great news we have priced it for backup. From mission-critical applications to lower tier applications Zerto provides new flexible licensing to ensure you can protect all your applications in a cost-effective way. Keep reading to learn how Zerto […]

Zerto 8.5: Welcome to the World of Multi-Cloud

Zerto 8.5 offers unparalleled simplicity and orchestration for cloud-first businesses, recovering your lost data whether it’s from accidental user error or a disastrous infrastructure outage. Accelerate your recovery times, reduce costs, and simplify operations with continuous data protection for all applications. Read on to discover what you can achieve with the new capabilities of the […]

The Future of Data Protection Waits For No One

A new era of backup and recovery with continuous data protection Bottom line: what has worked in the past, will not work for the future. If your company still relies on expensive, dedicated backup and disaster recovery infrastructure it’s time to make the switch to a software-only platform based on a foundation of continuous data […]

Protecting Critical Applications in the Cloud with the Zerto Platform

Protecting mission and business critical data and applications in the cloud should be a priority for all organizations. Not only is the sheer amount of structured and unstructured data your business amasses growing exponentially, but applications are also becoming more complex. This means company data centers are more vulnerable to threats, exploits, and breaches. In […]

Zerto Launch: It’s a New World. Are You Ready?

Disruption happens. Zerto’s new data protection offering and Zerto 8.5 delivers uninterrupted business while improving your TCO. If 2020 has proven anything, it’s that you have to anticipate change and can’t leave anything to chance. Even when faced with what seems like routine disruptions, your IT organization must stand ready to provide steadfast, around-the-clock availability. […]

Achieve Higher Marks on the FITARA Scorecard with Zerto

Congress passed the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) in 2014. The act was meant to improve technology implementations in federal agencies with the following core objectives: Decrease costs Improve efficiencies by streamlining purchasing Reduce duplicative spending and unused capacity The law has produced positive results, with some agencies achieving improved measurable outcomes. The […]