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RSA 2020: Zerto Challenges the Cybersecurity Industry to Rethink Data Protection and Recovery

March 12, 2020

As the IT Resilience Platform has evolved, so has its use cases. Zerto has seen every recovery scenario possible through its customers. One of the fastest growing recovery scenarios for Zerto users is ransomware.   Our customers organically began using our replication-based solution to solve for cyber attacks and ransomware that traditionally fall under backup use cases. As we […]

Visit Zerto at Our First RSA Conference, Build IT Resilience, and Win!

February 19, 2020

For an IT organization, cybersecurity is paramount, and as an IT pro, you’re likely to be at RSA in San Francisco February 24–28. While you are at RSA, be sure to come to booth 6458 to learn how Zerto will help you recover from cyberattacks faster than you thought was possible and build your IT […]

2019: A Monumental Year for Zerto Managed Service Providers

February 13, 2020

In 2019, the Zerto IT Resilience platform™ released two major versions and several updates focused on expanding and deepening the capabilities of the platform. Many of the core innovations arm Zerto’s Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with new capabilities to bolster use cases and drive more business globally. Let’s look at how Zerto’s year of innovation […]

RPOs & RTOs: Lowering the Cost of Recovery

February 10, 2020

Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) are the foundation of any disaster recovery plan. More so, they are the foundation of maintaining ‘always on’ critical business operations and customer experiences. These metrics help a business understand the very real costs of data disruption—and the consequential cost to recover from an outage. Becoming […]

Announcing: NEW Zerto Enterprise Government Edition

February 5, 2020

As cybercrimes grow more frequent and more severe, organizations across the globe continue to look for ways to improve the security of their data centers. These concerns are of particular importance to governmental organizations, which have the strictest standards for keeping private records and vital operations from being compromised. In the last year alone, dozens […]

Cyber Resilience: It’s Time to Attack Your Ransomware Recovery Strategy

January 9, 2020

Ransomware…Not If, but When Ransomware attacks have been slowly escalating for years, as hostage-takers have used malicious code to wreak havoc on private individuals and businesses alike. When it hits your business, vital data gets encrypted and recovering from the attack could cost millions in reputation and lost revenue. So, just how prevalent these have […]

2020 Predictions: The Year of IT Resilience

December 11, 2019

A new year approaching means resolutions, goals, and optimistic predictions for success. Zerto’s prediction for IT leaders is that 2020 will be the Year of IT Resilience. Why? Because in 2020 more than ever, organizations need to: Decrease downtime—and the staggering costs associated with downtime Become cyber-resilient in the face of evolving and growing threats […]

Cyber Resilience: Keep Your Business from Being Held Hostage by Ransomware

December 9, 2019

Not If, but When The threat of ransomware attacks is nothing new: for years, these hostage-takers have been wreaking havoc on large and small businesses alike, encrypting vital data and costing millions in recovery and lost revenue. What may surprise you, however, is just how prevalent these attacks have become. In 2019, a survey of […]

AWS Cloud Backup Just Got Easier with Zerto

December 3, 2019

Zerto certified for AWS Storage File Gateway Zerto began a journey to revolutionize the way organizations approach their disaster recovery, backup and cloud mobility by building an IT Resilience Platform™ designed to deliver. Extending that journey, we’re excited to announce the certification of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage File Gateway for cloud backup and […]

Take 3 Steps So Your IT Keeps Up with the Black Friday Rush

November 22, 2019

It’s that time of year again: consumers begin checking off their shopping lists and businesses push to get their products in front of consumers and out the door at a pace that can make heads spin. We all know it’s coming—the climax of the holiday IT frenzy—Black Friday is almost upon us! Every touch point, […]