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Achieving High Availability for Federal Agencies in a Time of Unprecedented Demand

Federal agencies are facing extraordinary demands on their IT systems. To serve citizens and communities effectively, they are expected to remain available 24/7, compliant to security and data protection standards, and prepared to face increasingly severe cyberattacks. Meeting these demands means that having resilient systems is more critical for federal agencies than ever before. An unexpected event, like the pandemic the world is facing right now, increases the challenge of staying ahead of IT demands.   So how do federal agencies […]

ZertoCON 2020 Has Gone Virtual – and It’s Free

While this pandemic may keep us in our homes, for the time being, that doesn’t mean we can’t still network and share knowledge. Our highly anticipated ZertoCON conference has changed its format to a virtual event, and it’s FREE for all to attend. Join ZertoCON Virtual to hear new platform announcements and gain new skills […]

Zerto Named Vendor Champion in 2020 SoftwareReviews/Info-Tech Enterprise Backup and Availability Emotional Footprint

In the market for a more resilient disaster recovery and backup solution? As a user, we know you want to not only feel comfortable with the solution you chose, but that you want to feel good about the entire process of selecting a vendor for your backup and overall data protection needs. Enter SoftwareReviews, a […]

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Selecting the Right Cloud Platform and Solution as an I&O Leader

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of many organizations. Whether it was supporting a larger volume of remote workers, accelerated cloud adoption, or even driving new digital business models, we’re all tasked with rethinking our approach to IT.   A major challenge is that most organizations have to tackle these issues with a stringent budget and an […]

Just Google It: Three is the Magic Number in the Cloud!

With the launch of Zerto 8 in March, we shared our excitement about our new partnership with Google! While we have great partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), it always felt like something was missing. With the Google partnership, we’ve finally added the third big public cloud provider to our list of […]

Resilience in the Face of Disaster Means Faster, Better Recovery

WHAT IS DISASTER RECOVERY? Disaster recovery (DR) means more than you might think. Yes, DR means recovering from traditional disasters, but it could also encompass the ability to recover from hardware failures or malware—especially ransomware, which gets more malicious every year. Successful DR is a key part of IT resilience—IT resilient businesses recover from a […]

COVID-19 Responsibility Matters

Zerto CEO promotes relief programs for communities and businesses As the threat of COVID-19 continues to grow and we become increasingly isolated, I wanted to take this opportunity to connect as a company and community. Between the frightening statistics, social distancing, and market volatility, it is more important than ever that we stand in solidarity […]

Zerto 8.0: Realizing Storage Modernization and Cost Savings with VMware Virtual Volumes

Last week, Zerto globally released version 8.0 of the IT Resilience Platform. The release of Zerto 8.0 expands disaster recovery and data protection across on-premises and  cloud environments. With Zerto 8.0 comes support for VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols). In this blog, we’ll unpack the world of software-defined storage (SDS), VMware’s innovation in the space, […]

Announcing Zerto 8.0

Even More Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, and Mobility Across All Environments Businesses today are expected to provide always-on availability across different regions, workloads, and applications within their organization, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. Unplanned disruptions—caused by natural disasters, pandemics, power outages, or cyberattacks—continue to be a constant threat to businesses. And with […]

Here’s Your Sneak Peek: What’s New in Zerto 8.0

Expanding disaster recovery and data protection across on-premises and cloud environments We live in a digital age where 24/7 availability is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is now a core need. Your IT organization is now required to deliver always-on availability across different regions, workloads, and applications within your organization. More than ever, […]