Three Ways Your Disaster Recovery Falls Flat – Part 2

This week’s series of posts is by Steve Thomsen, Zerto’s  Director of Central US Sales.  Follow Steve on Twitter.

Yesterday, I discussed the first problem in your attempts at DR, which was the difficulty of deploying your DR solution.   Today, we hit the next key area of IT service continuity (or, “non-disruptive DR”): ease of managing your day-to-day DR operations:

Step 2: Simplify Your Day-to-Day DR Operations (and Get Your Weekend Back)

Day to day responsibilities of anyone tasked with disaster recovery are two-fold: making sure your DR solution is working (testing) and making sure it is protecting all the applications and data you want to protect.

Problem #1: Testing your DR Solution

When DR is finally set-up and in place, most organizations are loathe to touch anything.   Many forgo yearly DR testing let alone quarterly or semi-annual testing.

Why should this be so?

In many cases DR testing is performed at an application level and done during a maintenance window (goodbye weekend). Testing failover and recovery of more than a handful of applications becomes problematic and just isn’t practical. This is due to many factors, but the overriding gray cloud is “complexity”. There are a lot of moving parts with tight interdependencies involving different vendors. Next thing you know the network, application, and storage teams are pointing fingers, etc. Then there are the questions that keep you up a night like…what happens to my current protection SLAs? How do I restore production after testing? What happens if things go wrong, etc.?

With Zerto, the testing process is not disruptive to production.  It’s predictable, and better yet — repeatable. With a single click an administrator can test failover of individual applications, a full data center, or even multiple data centers. This is all  while production is up and running and replication is still occurring. There is absolutely no service interruption to the business or to DR. The exposure to risk is never more than under normal operations. Most important perhaps, your weekends are free.

Problem # 2: VMs are in Motion

Why should your DR solution impede the agility and reduce the value of your virtual infrastructure? Again, the answer is it shouldn’t. Most legacy DR solutions will get your data to the remote site, and some might even help you recover, but they really don’t like you moving things around or making changes to the environment. If you do, things tend to start breaking all over the place. Add in the common scenario of two production sites replicating to one another and this gets even more complex.

Zerto is all about the application. As the lifecycle of your application and its data moves along the curve, you should be able to adjust and customize protection, testing, resources, and location on-the-fly. With Zerto, you can fully leverage tools such as VMotion, Storage DRS, HA, etc. and still recover easily.

Stay tuned for “Three Ways Your Disaster Recovery Falls Flat Part 3: Failover & Failback” or get the RSS feed.

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