May 6-9: Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault at RSA Conference 2024

RSA Conference 2024 and the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

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Hello, San Francisco! Join Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, on May 6–9 at the RSA Conference (HPE booth #2039)—as we deliver our latest announcement that will have security experts excited to learn more.

This year’s conference theme, “The Art of Possible,” perfectly captures the essence of today’s most successful threat responses. It is no longer enough to address known risks. Succeeding in today’s complex threat environment requires a blend of ingenuity, future-proof approaches, and a robust vision for data integrity.

This aligns seamlessly with HPE’s commitment to data protection with the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault.

Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault: A True Cyber Vault

Cyber vaults are a relatively new market solution designed to mitigate risk and buffer the impact of an attack. However, existing cyber vault solutions are either not secure enough or do not enable fast recovery. The result is a false sense of confidence that falls apart quickly once an attack occurs. Customers find it difficult to get back to business as usual swiftly, which makes paying a ransom deceptively appealing as a fix.

By contrast, the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault now marries high-performance hardware from HPE with industry-leading recovery software from Zerto. The result is a unique, zero trust-first, offline vault that enables rapid air-gapped recovery using immutable copies. This means that once the data is written, it can never be modified. Gone are the days of scanning for clean copies first, which can dramatically prolong the recovery process. Data in the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault is safe from encryption by ransomware, which ensures that you are restoring with clean, unaltered data.

Customers are no longer forced to choose between two necessary evils—paying ransoms and dealing with disastrous amounts of data loss and downtime. Just like the conference theme, this truly is “the art of possible.”

Key Features of the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

Let’s look at three key features of the Zerto Resilience Vault that make it a unique cyber recovery solution.


The Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault is designed and built with production-grade, all-flash storage instead of backup-grade infrastructure. Pairing this with Zerto’s unparalleled rapid recovery makes this cyber vault the only one on the market to offer robust reliability features. This ensures the continuous availability of critical data assets, minimizing the risk of data loss or downtime and maximizing business uptime.

Ransomware Resilience

Built-in cyber resilience features offer proactive defense measures against evolving cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, ensuring the security and availability of data assets. HPE Virtual Lock software, a proprietary technology built on HPE Alletra MP, protects mission-critical data by safeguarding virtual volumes and snapshots from accidental or unauthorized deletion, and does not require any software or agent installation at the host level.


With HPE Alletra MP enhancing the Zerto Cyber Resilience vault, immutability is back on the scene. The Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault leverages the HPE next-gen intelligent storage platform, HPE Alletra MP, as the de facto storage array. This creates the immutable snapshots functionality critical to ensuring data integrity and meeting today’s compliance needs.

The result is an isolated recovery environment (IRE) with an immutable data vault (IDV) that enables rapid air-gapped recovery after even the worst attacks.

Stop by the HPE Booth at the RSA Conference

We will be at HPE booth #2039. Stop by and talk to one of our experts about the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault and its unparalleled reliability, ransomware resilience, and recovery capabilities that ensure the security and availability of critical business data in the face of evolving cyber threats and operational challenges.

Until then, watch this brief video to understand the concepts of the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault, or for a deeper dive, visit the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault page.


Elisa Paik
Customer Education Manager

Elisa is the Customer Education Manager on the HPE product marketing team for the data protection portfolio. In this role she helps customers understand the value of HPE data protection through articles and video. Outside of work she is a bunny owner and races in a rowing team on the San Francisco bay.