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Moving Off of VMware? Make It Easy with Zerto

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What’s the Situation with VMware?

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware has sent shockwaves through the industry as Broadcom looks to streamline the portfolio, sell off portions of the business, and redo pricing & packaging for most of their offerings. The reception from customers has been lukewarm to say the least, leaving many organizations stuck wondering: now what?  

Zerto for VMware vSphere has always been one of our most popular products, but there’s no denying that many of our customers are now planning an exit—even if only for some workloads initially. What can Zerto offer an IT team who are reconsidering their future with VMware by Broadcom?

For Zerto customers, the ace up their sleeve is the multi-cloud mobility that Zerto has become known for. If currently running applications on VMware, you can use Zerto to easily migrate to Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or one of our 350+ MSP partners.


How Zerto Makes It Easy to Move Off of VMware

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons customers tell us they love using Zerto for migrations.

Zero data loss

Continuous data protection (CDP) with Zerto usually means data loss of about 5 or 10 seconds’ worth. With migrations, however, customers get an RPO of zero. Prior to migrating, Zerto makes one last recovery checkpoint in the journal and efficiently powers down your VMs so no new data is written. Thanks to app-centric protection, every VM in a multi-VM app stack will share the same consistent checkpoint to make spinning them back up in the target site as easy as possible.

Minimal downtime

CDP with Zerto also means the copies of your data on the new target site are almost identical to the production or source site. When it’s time to cutover, you’ll face very minimal disruption as Zerto’s powerful orchestration & automation engine kicks in to get your applications online very quickly.

Easy pre-migration testing

Just like our much-loved testing for disaster and cyber recovery use cases, Zerto makes it really simple to test your migrations ahead of time—and then continue to test, test, test. The best part: all of it is non-disruptive, won’t impact application performance at production, and Zerto handles all the teardown and clean up at the target site to remove manual work. Know before you migrate, with full confidence, that your plan is set up for success.

Hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility

Broadcom’s moves have taught some enterprises a painful lesson about vendor and platform lock-in. Zerto is helping customers break free with simple mobility to, from, and between heterogeneous platforms. You get the flexibility to get into the cloud, move back out if things change, or leverage simultaneous one-to-many replication to put copies on multiple clouds. Moving off vSphere in the long-term, but still keeping some clusters around for a little longer? Easily replicate back to your VMware sites, no matter whether the new source is Hyper-V, Azure, or AWS.

Customizable licensing

Zerto offers a special license purpose-built for migration use cases. If looking to add disaster recovery and cyber recovery use cases down the road, simply upgrade to Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE). ECE is available as a perpetual license, but a subscription might be right for you as well. With our MSP partners, consumption-based monthly billing is a great option too. No matter where or how you want to consume Zerto, we have a model that will help you migrate off VMware and onto the next platform or cloud of your choice.

No matter what your future holds—whether that’s with the VMware ecosystem we all know and love or on to greener pastures—Zerto has almost 15 years of experience with data mobility. It’s never been easier to lift and shift some or all of your digital estate to new hardware, new clouds, or new platforms.

To see what it’s like to use Zerto for migrations, check out the example in the demo video below.

Otherwise, you can try Zerto for Migrations yourself with our free Zerto hands-on lab, or get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.




Kevin Cole
Director, Product and Technical Marketing

Kevin Cole is the Director, Product and Technical Marketing for the data protection portfolio within the HPE Hybrid Cloud division. He leads teams focused on creating and sharing the go-to-market messaging for how HPE and Zerto can enable customers & partners to build resilience through disaster recovery, backup, and cyber recovery solutions.