Guess What: Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is a Real Thing

By Jennifer Gill, Director of Global Product Marketing

In the wake of this past winter’s weather events across the US, many IT organizations are wondering, will they be ready if an outage occurs? However, what these same teams don’t realize — is they should really be considering this on a daily basis. “Disasters” are not caused only by weather — hardware failures and upgrades are actually the more common culprits.  Do you have hardware on which you perform upgrades? Well, then you are a candidate for a disaster!

Since a dedicated DR site can be expensive for many organizations, hybrid cloud and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) are more and more common, and with good reason. Replacing the costs of a secondary site (hardware, software, power, cooling and maintenance etc.) with a predictable monthly cost is a very attractive option.


DRaaS is also very fast! With a credit card and a virtual server environment, you can complete the most critical step in the process — replicating a copy of your data somewhere else. I can’t take credit for the crispness of this message, but I can point you who did. Jason Buffington, Senior Research Analyst at ESG provided this valuable insight and more, see here. As he correctly states, you might not have your whole plan in place — but you will complete the most critical step — replicating your data somewhere else!!

So, why should you consider DRaaS?

  • Well, we already discussed the cost model. It can be cheaper for your environment, depending on the SLAs you require. The costs are also predictable.
  • DRaaS can help with geographical diversity. If your DR site is across the street, this could be a problem. You can find a cloud provider who has something far away — providing increased confidence in your DR plan.
  • Do you want to use cloud providers for other things? DRaaS is a great way to evaluate a cloud provider. The replication and ongoing testing is more interactive than Backup-as-a-service. It enables you to more rigorously test the cloud provider’s environment. As you build confidence, you may want to think about partnering with the cloud provider on other initiatives.
  • DRaaS providers do this every day, so they are knowledgeable with how to get environments online quickly and can help you avoid common mistakes, plus they effectively serve as additional resources that are focused on your data center recovery.

DRaaS isn’t some “new” thing that only the most bleeding-edge companies are doing; it is on pace to be a $5.7 billion market in about 3 years. It is an option which deserves serious consideration. Check out our Zerto Cloud Ecosystem to learn more:

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