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Everybody keeps talking about this “cloud” thing. Cloud this. Cloud that. Clouds all over the place. Your music’s in the cloud. IBM’s on the cloud. Amazon and Google are the cloud. Your bank’s got a cloud. Your work email, that’s in the clouds. Heard about Microsoft Word in a cloud? Sure you have. And pretty soon our cars will be on a cloud and then we’ll all be cruising the skies like we’re right out of a Star Wars movie jumping into our own starship.

But are you still wondering just why everyone is moving to the cloud? Since we’re talking about the information the super-sky-way, let’s jet right to it: you’ve got questions but you don’t have a lot of time. Good news! We’ve got answers and we’ve got them fast. In our “The Bald Truth” 90-second video you’ll learn the 3 big reasons behind why so many businesses are moving to the cloud.

Things still looking a little foggy? We’ve got some data that will clear things right up. View this infographic to learn more about the cloud.

Finally, even clouds need care and nourishment now and then. Just like all technologies, they can face their own challenges. You want to arm yourself with a platform that allows for complete mobility, continuity, and resilience for and between your clouds. Well, have we got a story for you. Learn the importance of establishing a cloud continuity platform and using multiple clouds for IT Resilience here:


Video Transcript


Gartner estimates $1 trillion will shift to the cloud by 2020. That’s trillion, with a capital T. It’s not if or when enterprises will move to the cloud. They’re doing it right now. The real question is why. And answering the why of why cloud computing fits 3 core principles: increased agility, reduced risk and reduced costs. Agility: responding rapidly to change without losing momentum or vision. Going cloud means resources on demand. Scale your digital store up or out during the holidays and then ramp up your manufacturing and supply chain capabilities to fulfill all those new sales. Risk: anything that can harm company returns. Going cloud expands your risk mitigation toolkit. Guaranteed performance of a major application by load balancing it around the planet. Or ditch your spare disaster datacenter and get out of the real estate leasing business. Cost: what you have to spend on all this technology. Going cloud can deliver predictable resource costs based on utilization. You like major capital outlays every 3 to 5 years? Make your profit and loss statement that much easier and let the finance team sleep at night. When you’re thinking cloud, remember the 3 core principles: increase your agility, reduce your risk and reduce your costs. And that’s the bald truth.

Sean Masters

Lover of amazing wife, startup strategy, and simplifying all things. Futurist. Polymath. Best pal to a small dog. Head of Global Sales Enablement at Zerto.

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