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Reliable Disaster Recovery and Migrations for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Simplify the protection, recovery, and mobility of your applications and data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Zerto for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud 

The power to decide how you consume the cloud. Your cloud, your way.  

Hybrid, Multi-Cloud—We Have You Covered 

Zerto is built for the cloud, bringing orchestration and automation for disaster recovery and migrations together in a single solution. There is no other solution that can support your cloud journey like Zerto: it moves and protects workloads from private to public clouds, which enables hybrid cloud deployments. It also enables workload mobility between private clouds and allows enterprises to remove private cloud, supporting a shift to a multi-cloud environment with complete migration to public cloud.

One Solution across On-Premises and Clouds 

Zerto’s vendor-agnostic solution stands ready to protect your mission-critical data and applications.

Future‑proof your cloud strategy with a data management and protection solution that supports every aspect of your cloud journey. Protect, move, and manage native workloads at enterprise scale.


Simplify your experience with a single, easy-to-use interface for disaster recovery and data mobility across any cloud or on-premises workload.


Keep your applications and critical data available 24/7, regardless of which cloud they’re on, by using Zerto to replicate the data between different hardware or cloud platforms. Zerto’s journal enables recovery from any point in time with seconds of granularity.


Eliminate additional tooling with built-in automation and orchestration. Zerto allows you to move and protect applications and data seamlessly from on-premises to any cloud or within clouds.


Spot trends and identify anomalies with intelligent dashboards, analysis, and reports in Zerto Analytics. Troubleshoot issues in network, recovery point objective (RPO), and other business service levels.

Zerto Architecture for Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

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Take Your Disaster Recovery to the Cloud 

Move your disaster recovery to any cloud and eliminate the need for on-premises DR sites

In the public cloud, dedicated environments aren’t required for recovery during a disaster, so deployment in the public cloud can drastically reduce the cost of your recovery site. In addition, Zerto requires only storage on the target site during recovery, eliminating daily compute costs.

Get the same granular RPOs and fast RTOs in the public cloud that you would get on-premises. Choose the cloud that fits your IT strategy with no vendor lock-in. 

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Era

Disaster Recovery to the Cloud with Zerto

Store Immutable Copies in the Cloud

Send copies directly from the journal to the cloud using efficient cloud storage, tiering, and immutability.

  • Define retention policies for storing and migrating immutable copies from hot or cool storage into more cost-effective archive storage in Azure and AWS.
  • Create immutable cloud copies that safeguard extended journal copies from malicious deletion or modification of data, such as from ransomware.

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Simplify Migration from On-Premises to the Cloud  

Zerto uses continuous data protection (CDP) to manage risk-free cloud migrations without downtime or impact to production. Easily test before committing to your migration with failover test features and one-click rollback, which lets you migrate many times before committing to the move.

Move Your Data Anywhere in Minutes

Best-in-Class Multi-Cloud Mobility and Visibility 

Solution-Agnostic Capabilities

Maximize a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy with agnostic support for VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, or Oracle Cloud.

Bi-Directional Cloud Agility 

Move seamlessly to, from, and between heterogeneous cloud platforms and on-premises datacenters with built-in automation and orchestration. Achieve true multi-cloud workload mobility in a single solution with a consistent user experience.

Analytics Across Clouds

Troubleshoot problem areas, allocate resources more effectively, and optimize workload performance across clouds. Powerful dashboards and reports help IT teams have unparalleled visibility across their entire multi-site, multi-cloud environment—even if those environments are on different clouds and platforms.

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