Zerto + HPE: Better Together - Zerto

Zerto + HPE: Better Together

Learn how enterprise-grade hardware from HPE is paired with industry-leading disaster recovery software with Zerto to deliver turn-key IT Resilience

Introducing the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

Experience the best of HPE hardware and software in one powerful solution for ransomware resilience. Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, enables rapid air-gapped recovery using all-in-one, enterprise-grade, security hardened HPE hardware through the Cyber Resilience Vault so you can radically reduce data loss and downtime without paying any ransoms.

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Introducing the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

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Let's Count the Ways

Now that Zerto is part of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise family, there are countless ways in which the industry-leading disaster recovery software and enterprise hardware can work together.

Zerto and HPE GreenLake for HCI

Migrating workloads in a hybrid cloud using Zerto

Migrations can cause migraines! Let Zerto and HPE GreenLake for HCI ease that pain. Start migrating workloads to the hybrid cloud today with HPE GreenLake for HCI and Zerto.

When it comes to migrating data, legacy solutions aren’t just costly and time-consuming—they also don’t have an effective rollback option, leaving little room for error in the process. Zerto addresses these issues with a simple, easily reversible four-click migration, whether applications are stored on premises or in the cloud. Our migration solution gives you the most vital benefit: peace of mind.

  • Simplicity — Zerto delivers the industry-best solution for disaster recovery and migration now on HPE GreenLake for HCI.
  • Repeatability — Thanks to powerful orchestration and automation, the migration workflow is the same from one application to the next.
  • Confidence — Have full confidence that your migration will go as planned—with zero data loss and minimal downtime.

HPE GreenLake for HCI - Migrating Workloads in a Hybrid Cloud using Zerto

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Demo Video | HPE GreenLake for HCI - Migrating Workloads in a Hybrid Cloud using Zerto

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Migrations with Zerto

Zerto and HPE Alletra Storage

Shielding your data against a hostile takeover

Your cloud and locally stored data is at constant risk of being lost to rampant ransom attacks. Today's critical issue is protecting data across multiple layers of the traditional technology stack and across multiple locations. We are securing what is not only in our data center, but also in various places – such as multiple public clouds and the edge of the network (so-called edge to cloud").

To address these challenges, HPE Alletra storage arrays and Zerto come with a toolkit to mitigate the effects of imminent ransomware attack.

  • The HPE Alletra 5000 storage array provides access to cutting-edge technology, data security and integrity, quality and efficiency unattainable in the public cloud.
  • Combined with Zerto's unique features – such as change log, Zerto's complete solution enables you to quickly and easily recover from an attack and get our applications working again, regardless of location.

As a result, downtime is minimized to as little as minutes. Zerto reduces data loss from days or hours to just seconds.

How to shield your company against hostile takeovers of data?

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How to Shield Your Company Against Hostile Takeovers of Data?

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HPE Alletra Storage

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Zerto and HPE Alletra dHCI

Composable disaster recovery, ransomware resilience, and multi-cloud mobility

Combine Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for disaster recovery, ransomware resilience, and multi-cloud mobility with HPE Alletra dHCI, a composable, cloud mobile, and disaster-proof disaggregated hyperconverged (dHCI) for an next-generation data protection solution.

Together, HPE Alletra dHCI makes managing virtualized environments easier, delivers fast app performance, helps ensure apps are always on, and enables greater resource efficiency.

Zerto brings modern data protection and mobility to the table, unlocking recovery point objectives (RPOs) of seconds and recovery time objectives (RTOs) of minutes with always-on replication. Perform failover, failback, and move operations in just a few clicks. Perform failover tests as often as needed without production impact.

HPE Alletra dHCI and Zerto

Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

Unlocking rapid air-gapped recovery

The Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault uses ultra-secure zero trust architecture to protect your data and thwart ransomware.

The Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault leverages best-in-class solutions every step of the way, including:

  • HPE Alletra
  • HPE Proliant
  • HPE Aruba Networking
  • Zerto

Learn how an isolated data vault can help you detect and recover from ransomware using true air gaps, data immutability, and the power of the Zerto journal.

Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

HPE Storage Integration Service for Zerto

Integrating Zerto with a white-glove service

Modern organizations, across the globe and regardless of industry, all have at least one commonality: they’re reliant on data and critical applications to drive growth and innovation in today’s 24/7, always-on world.

Zerto helps customers protect, recover, and move their data and applications for continuous availability across on-premises or hybrid environments.

With this white-glove service, HPE helps to deploy and integrate Zerto to ensure your production workloads are protected from unplanned and planned disruptions —for virtualized workloads running on-premises. HPE Services also provides valuable knowledge transfer to the operational team.

HPE Storage Integration Service for Zerto

What's Next?

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Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault

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Migrations with Zerto

Get peace of mind with Zerto's easily reversible four-click migration, whether applications are stored on premises or in the cloud.

Zerto in HPE GreenLake

Learn more about HPE GreenLake for Disaster Recovery, a SaaS-based DR solution powered by Zerto.