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SQL Server Database Replication & Recovery 

Simple protection for even the most complex applications

Protecting Microsoft SQL Servers with Zerto 

A disaster or logical failure that impacts the availability of Microsoft SQL Server can result in data loss, significantly reduced employee productivity, and even damage a company’s brand and revenue. Learn more about best practices for protecting your SQL Server with Zerto.

Challenges of Microsoft SQL Protection

Thousands of global organizations rely on Microsoft SQL Server’s robust database application to run their business. Because a disaster or logical failure that impacts Microsoft SQL Server availability can harm your data, productivity, revenue, and reputation, you need to be prepared. To mitigate these risks, it’s extremely important to have a robust disaster recovery plan.

Hassle-Free Microsoft SQL Server Protection with Zerto

By simply selecting the virtual machines (VMs) that host your application and activating protection, Zerto replicates and recovers highly transactional databases, such as Microsoft SQL. Because Zerto uses hypervisor-level replication, no complex application integration is needed to protect Microsoft SQL Servers. Zerto is simple, scalable, and has the following features:

No configuration changes to SQL are required and no SQL knowledge is needed to execute recovery.

Consistent multi-VM application recovery uses Virtual Protection Group (VPG) technology.

No-impact failover testing doesn't break replication or shutdown production. SQL with application servers can be tested in isolated bubble networks.

SQL VSS writer integration allows you to schedule application-consistent points in time.

TempDB initial replication, without subsequent change, saves 50% of replication traffic. 

RTOs of minutes with boot ordering, automatic IP reconfiguration, and no live VM running the recovery site, reduces DR site overheads and complexity.

Physical or virtual Raw Device Mappings (RDMs) can be protected to virtual disks or pre-provisioned RDMs in the target site. 

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SaaS-Based Backup and Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server 

HPE Greenlake for Backup and Recovery protects Microsoft SQL Server databases running in VMware VMs and provides the same high efficiency protection as for VMware virtual machines.

Application hosts are easily registered with the service. The hosted Microsoft SQL Server databases are added to the HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery inventory where they can be selected for protection individually or as part of a protection group. 

HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery

Laptop showing a screen of HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery

Unlock the Benefits of SQL Protection with Zerto 

See Zerto Protection in Action for Microsoft SQL 

Zerto minimizes the complexity required to protect Microsoft SQL Server.  

VM-Level Consistency Grouping 

Zerto has innovative Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) that allow you to replicate and recover multi-VM Microsoft SQL database applications as one cohesive unit, all to the exact same point in time. 

No Agents, No Snapshots

 Because Zerto doesn't utilize snapshots or agents, it scales to thousands of VMs and never impacts production. 

Seamless Database Migration

 Migrate Microsoft SQL Servers to any Zerto supported platforms in minutes. Moving databases to the cloud has never been this easy. 

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